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  1. Yeah, I agree. From my (albeit limited) experience though, Mercedes S goes for ~200-250 an hour. The question of whether the Bugatti is worth triple, I dunno. Its also not a great analogy, because cars have quantifiable qualities. Art does too, but its harder to deduce, . Especially for me, who is far from an expert. Also, I think it has diminishing returns (a moped vs a Mercedes is a huge difference like a scratcher vs an incredible artist, but comparing an incredible artist to a masterful one is probably different than comparing a mercedes to a bughatti) With that said, I've never seen ANY better work in this style than he does, so I think I could probably be wrong about the diminishing returns.. So, it seems now that I need to do more research rather than questioning price, eh? 😉
  2. Now, hear me out before you rip me apart lol. I've always been the one to say "There is absolutely no price on a lifetime investment, find your artist, and pay the cost" With that said, theres this AMAZING artist in China that my artist actually recommended to me for biomech (a style you don't see very frequently.) He'll be travelling to my area, but he charges $600US/hr ($800 for me as a canadian) which would cost me about $16k. I told the guy my story of why I want the tattoo, and he agreed to a 30% discount, which would make it about 12k. Now, I still stand by that there's no price on a lifetime investment - 12K is less than half a 5-year investment in a car. With that said though, I am saving for a house and stuff like that, and considering that most extremely talented artists cost ~200 an hour, some justification is required. I'm hesitant to name him, because I don't want to broadcast his prices or the fact he offered a discount.. Do you think posting an unnamed sample would be ethical? Otherwise... Thoughts?
  3. Not unlikely. I'm disabled and my arm is EXTREMELY small. Don't quote me but I believe she had my forearm at 6 inches and my bicep at maybe 9? Aren't they usually 20-30 anyway? My uncle's was like 22
  4. Yeah you're all supporting what I thought- it's weird and it doesn't seem like a fair ask. I would offer to BUY the second sketch but it still sounds dumb. Like I can't make up my mind over a 20 hour tattoo.
  5. Okay, so I have a rule with tattoos... I need to want a tattoo for at least 3 years before I get said tattoo. As it turns out, I have wanted TWO completely different sleeves for like 5 years now but I only have one arm available. I decided on one, but I thought about it, and what if I could see both and pick what I like better? Would you think I was an indecisive a**h**e If i asked you to design 2 different sleeves, even if i doubled my deposit as a tip for the second design? I'm not actually sure how much time a design takes- if it is a long time and they only do it because they expect the deposit to turn into a tattoo or not.. Honestly, as I write this, I feel like I'm being an indecisive ****.. if you don't know what you want, don't get a tattoo.. But I do know what I want... 1 or the 2 and can't go wrong either way lol
  6. I take fish oil. Are these supplements bad for tattoos in general or only during healing?
  7. Clearly, I disagreed. It can be helpful to explain to someone that a fresh tattoo isn't indicative of the final result rather than simply swearing at them to wait.
  8. See, Dan was using capital letters and being rude, and therefore, I made this comment. It turns out, you can give advice without yelling at the strangers on the internet.
  9. Well seeing as I haven't had a tattoo in years and I follow my artists aftercare instructions, I haven't felt the need to look up overapplication of lotion. Further, seeing as my entire activity in the last few weeks has been me asking simple questions, one could infer that I am not, in fact, a resident expert. Appreciate the effort to be a petty douche and hijack this thread to insult me though.
  10. just out of curiosity... How much is too much? Didn't know that was a thing.
  11. What Dan means to say is.. You have to let it heal before you can accurately judge a tattoo. You can't tell if there's an issue in a week. Give it a 3-4 weeks. Go back to get it fixed if you don't like it
  12. Consisting what I wanted to hear was pictures of aged quality tattoos and what I heard was DON'T GET A TATTOO. YOU SHOULDN'T CONSIDER LIFETIME DECISIONS...yes. Moving on though... I'll post pictures of my existing tattoos later. What do y'all think of this artist for a colour realism scenery tattoo https://instagram.com/amberrobyntattoos?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=ezc7n1y106hg
  13. I've been on this forum for 6 years. Play again. 😊. Anyone who craps on someone for considering a lifetime decision is just... Well.. incorrect. Weirdly enough I did need to make 10 posts. Might've timed out or something.
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