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  1. Thaks for ur comment Harry. Do you mean not posting in this section of the forum? Any suggestions? I really need to share info. I understand that by now I am in an apprenticeship process so I am not really worried about showing my mistakes, believing I'll learn from them. Coul'd u help me with this color issue? Thank's for ur attention anyway. Daniel
  2. My first oriental sleeve ever. First time working with color shading as well. It took me a lot of time, was done in 5 sessions of about three hours each. First session only for the line, than I came shading each element. Was a big challenge for me, and still i am not satisfied with the result. The healing is taking too long and there were some places where i passed trough too many times so I injured the skin, i fear it may leave a scar. For the mask i had only two different types of blue, a darker blue and one intenze mario's blue. So i mixed it with withe to get the lighter blue. I tried t
  3. First japanese colored work
  4. Hi everyone, my name is Daniel Ladeira, I am 34 years old and it's been just about 5 months i began tattoing and oppened my own studio. I'm sorry if my english is not that good but i'll give my best here. I aways liked to paint and draw since I was a kid, and that kept me alive so far in financial and spiritual way. Untill the beginning of 2013 I was into video business, editing, filming and into visual graphic designs but than I decided to go back to may natural that is designing, and loved the ideia of tatooing. I have some friends that are great tattooist who I am thankfull everyday for
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