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  1. Yea I figured due to the fact that he's done something very similar already to what I want, I almost can't go wrong. But I will absolutely try other places, ESPECIALLY Last Rites. Their pieces are damn near perfect every time.
  2. Well that's another question of mine... I was thinking of having it done in color, but I'm not sure what would look best. In your opinion, what do you think I should do? I have a b&g tattoo already and I like it, but I was feeling color would be a good idea with this one.. Or b&g with only the eyes of the wolf colored.
  3. I've heard great things about Saved Tattoo as well. As for Three Kings, it will probably be my next destination for a tattoo. I'm almost positive I want Alex McWatt to do my tattoo, because he seems to have the style I'm looking for. This is a back piece he did, which I think is extremely sick.
  4. Thanks, I'll definitely check him out. - - - Updated - - -
  5. Hey everybody, the name's Victor... I'm new to the forums, and I'd like some advice. So I only have 1 tattoo and it's pretty mediocre, to say the least. So I'm looking to get my second tattoo, but I'm pretty nervous about choosing the right place. I stopped at Three Kings Tattoos in Brooklyn, and I absolutely love the vibe and the artist I'm going to hopefully work with. I just want to know if there's any place you would suggest (if you've gotten a tattoo in NY) over the place I have chosen. Attached is a piece done by Alex from Three Kings, and I'm going for something very similar. Instead of the skull, I'm doing a "wolf in sheep's clothing" theme. Any thoughts on his art or any advice is highly appreciated! Oh, and I emailed Last Rites and I'm awaiting a response. Thanks a bunch for any advice guys, and I hope to remain on these forums for a long time. :cool:
  6. Not too bad. It looks amazing and I'd be very happy with that result. Good for you. I'm still working on my cover-up/adding to situation. My situation is far worse than yours ahahaha
  7. How much did it cost to get your tattoo worked? I think it looks absolutely amazing..
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