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    I have been tattooing for 19 years now. I started in Houston in 1994. I own Epoch Tattoo
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    Houston, Tx
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    I like to watch movies and paint, as well as some photography
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    tattoo maker
  1. nate beavers skull with wing tattoo done in Houston, Texas at Epoch Tattoo
  2. nate beavers tiger woods portrait done at the Dallas Tattoo Roundup
  3. nate beavers color tiger portrait done in Houston,Tx at Epoch Tattoo
  4. nate beavers skull and rose done at a seminar in Charlotte,NC
  5. nate beavers color bulldog portrait done at Russ Abbott's Ink and Dagger Tattoo in Atlanta
  6. nate beavers black and gray lion done in Houston,Tx at Epoch Tattoo
  7. nate beavers skull and snake done freehand at Off the Map Tattoo
  8. nate beavers pug dog portrait done in New Jersey
  9. nate beavers dracula portrait
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