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  1. I'm debating asking telling my fiance to buy my next tattoo as my birthday or Christmas present, but I'm also not sure if I want to start on my right arm until after the (over a year away) wedding. If I don't get it now, it'll be my first Christmas gift as a married woman. I want a snake basically draped over my right shoulder and winding down my arm.
  2. True Love Always (TLA) Tattoo Studio - DAVID BELL That would be his portfolio. I haven't looked at it yet myself. It irritated me they kept saying he was from Fredericksburg as if he works in Fredericksburg. His shop is in Occoquan. That's 40 minutes from Fredericksburg. He is closer to DC than he is to Fredericksburg. And I wouldn't believe he lives in Fredericksburg if he works in Occoquan.
  3. You don't know a person's motivation for getting a tattoo on the show. Maybe some of them see it as they've always wanted one but have never been able to afford it so they got an opportunity and took it. Maybe some really want a memorial piece but can't afford it. Maybe some people just want to be on television and are willing to do anything for the chance. Any way you slice it, NOBODY deserves a bad tattoo. Nobody deserves to have something on their skin that is ugly. It does a disservice to the art to have people walk around with bad tattoos. Part of the stigma against tattoos is people laug
  4. I'm not sure how much they should hate them. I mean, it makes a lot more sense to develop a love-hate relationship with them. It opens the people who watch them up to the concept that not all tattoos are the same. Maybe they aren't getting exposure to the greatest tattoo examples by watching the show, but when they hear the critiques, when they hear the challenges, when they hear about the different elements of a tattoo, they're being taught what goes into truly great tattoos. And if y'all want public education about what makes a good tattoo so people stop letting scratchers work on them, then
  5. Worst, the one the girl who sat beside me in my 8th grade art class had on her finger. It looked like somebody drew a circle on her finger and then drew an X through it. I think she said her older brother did it. She told her dad it was Sharpie when he saw it. Second worst would be the tiny upside down cupcake my former roommate did on her thigh when she was like 17 and some friend bought her a tattoo machine.
  6. I needed more shops to look at because I was having issues finding them. I figured it might be better to ask people who might know rather than trust Google to find my options. Sorry, I never asked for your opinion on the tattoo design itself. I asked what artists in my area to check out for a rose and butterfly tattoo. But because people decided to comment on the design itself instead when all I did was answer the questions I was being asked, I had to defend the meaning of the tattoo. And apparently none of you have any sense to realize "Maybe we should just direct the girl to good artists and
  7. It's really not because while I don't have marks on my skin, that's because I was obsessed with not leaving any so that nobody would know. So instead of a blade, I used my nails, I used a key. Or I would grab a serrated knife with the palm of my hand right along the line that runs across it so even if it left a mark for a day, nobody would know. So while I don't have the scar physically, in my mind I do. And I'm sorry if I can't give y'all a fantasy that I'll be able to go anywhere to get the tattoo I want. I came here because I needed to find somewhere in about an hour radius of me or in one
  8. I'm sorry, but would you tell that to a girl who said she was getting her tattoo to cover up cutting scars? My parents are odd and paranoid, but they have quite a few friends with arms full of tattoos and my mom has been wanting one for years yet has not gotten it yet. And while my parents are not exactly excited about me wanting tattoos, if I pay for it, I get what I want. Though, my parents are not up for me getting piercings. They have told me me, "18 for tattoos, 21 for piercings." They're actually concerned more with a scar from an old piercing than a tattoo. And, unfortunately, of th
  9. Kay, so can I explain that the snake is because I have a snake ring I wear constantly and that's the inspiration for it. I want something like that ring where it's a snake looking beautiful, not like a monster that's going to bite you any second. Yeah, it's called my parents would insist on one of them taking me and both of them cannot stand driving long distances at night nor would they get out of the house early enough to make a noon appointment two hours away. It's hard to get them out of the house before noon on days they don't work. Not to mention they'd throw a fit about me having to
  10. That'd be the place I've most seriously considered. My parents have a few friends who swear by the place and its artists. Okay, I'm going to make this really simple. This tattoo is a way of saying I'm done obsessing over what others think of my appearance. It's my way of saying the only people who need to like my appearance are myself and my boyfriend. So while I will take all the input anyone wants to give on the other tattoo I want, for this specific one, I will only take advice from the artist doing the tattoo, my boyfriend, and my best friend who knows me better than I know myself. And
  11. It's not an issue of it being two hours, it's an issue of it being two hours with nowhere to stay. It'd take me over two hours to go to Virginia Beach, but I can stay with my boyfriend. It'd take me two hours to go to Charlottesville, but I can stay with one of my best friends. Because, you know, I have this thing called an overly paranoid and controlling set of parents who would never let me stay in a hotel. They'll barely allow me to get the tattoos. Also, I don't have the entire thing planned out in my head. I have a general idea and the general feeling I want from it. It's just that there
  12. I didn't say I want no outlines. And I know it heals lighter. And I have my mind completely open as long as it meets the fact that this piece is something I need. But I can tell you, I don't want red roses. I don't know how I can stress it enough that that would mess up the entirety of the tattoo's meaning. Well, since I can't drive, it's kind of hard to say that 2 hours is a short drive. 2 hours is a 4 hour round trip that I have to convince someone else to take me on. I don't think it's a particularly good tattoo. There are some spots where it's really really bad. But it's that sort of
  13. No, I haven't because Harrisonburg is more than two hours from both home and school for me and I don't have any friends who live there. I live close to Fredericksburg so Fredericksburg, Spotsy, Stafford, and Richmond are all do-able. I go to school in Farmville. I have a good friend who lives in Charlottesville who I could stay with if I was going to get it there. My boyfriend lives in the Virginia Beach/Newport News area. These are the areas I am restricted to.
  14. A dagger would be nice if you have a good spot for one. Or a scythe.
  15. Can I just like this specific part a googol times? I mean, I've always loved the look of tattoos, but being a fat girl used to think they'd be a waste on me. It was like, putting art on an ugly canvas was disrespect to the art. But that kind of self-loathing that I've gotten past is now turning into a tattoo design.
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