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  1. It's... different. When the stick first goes into a new spot it hurts, but once that spot is actually being shaded the pain fades. With that said the liner hurt the most probably. There is a lot more pressure on the area of course so I'm a bit sore today which usually doesn't happen aside from the normal tattoo pain.
  2. Was able to get a three legged money toad (Jin Chan) from Takashi Matsuba (IG: traditionaltool) last night. The shading was done by hand (tebori) which is a first for me. Also the first piece I've gotten where the artist drew it on first as opposed to using a stencil. Can't wait to see the white all healed up and yellowed a bit. That's also three tattoos in three weeks. Feels good to have a break and be able to plan my next pieces :).
  3. Was lucky to get this dragon head from Horinao (IG: @horinao1) at the Bay Area Convention. Not sure if I want to add background to it later or leave it in that American piecewise style as I really like the negative space.
  4. Dude I saw that Fudo monmon cat backpiece in person while I was getting that shishi. It was right before the black shading and it already looked fucking amazing. Can't wait to see it colored.
  5. Hey everyone. It's been a while so here are a couple new things. Got the "born lost" skull from Ross K. Jones at Idle Hand's get what you want. The flash was redrawn by Austin Maples. Also got this shishi head from Koji Ichimaru while he's at SOG.

    born lost

    Ross K. Jones


    Austin Maples
  8. My tattoo for this month. That's four for four. Got this from Wan (instagram: wan_tattooer) during his visit at Idle Hand SF. Took the pic from his IG also.
  9. Just got a cool little bat from Austin Maples. Idle Hand, SF.
  10. Thanks man. Had the idea in my head for a while and was stoked when Hanna said she liked it and had a spot. I love the colors she chose, especially that cool purple.


    From the SF Bay Area in California. Just got a cool little reaper from Kapten Hanna at Idle Hand that I posted up in the new tattoos thread. Definitely going back to Idle Hand for a few more pieces. I want at least one piece from all of them it seems.
  12. My first real post and another reaper for the page: Got this today from Kapten Hanna at Idle Hand in San Francisco. Took this from her IG.
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