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  1. I just absolutely hate the tattoo. I bought it for him for Christmas. But that's not what he was supposed to get and its definitely not what I paid for. Also I'm in Ohio but I'm 45 minutes from both wheeling West Virginia and Pittsburgh PA. Thank you for all the replies though. I wasn't expecting all the attention.
  2. I'm really not understanding how to navigate the site. Any pointers?
  3. Hi, the names Marissa. I'm 19, I have three tattoos, and I live in a small town in Ohio. Basically I started an account here because my boyfriend got a hideous tattoo a few months back and is just now realizing how awful it is... We really need some advice on if this can be fixed or covered up. It really is bad. Anyways any feedback at all will be greatly appreciated.
  4. My boyfriends awful tattoo that we desperately would like to get covered up or fixed.
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