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    My names Javier Luna. Born in 82 and have been tattooing professionally since 2007. Opening up my own shop in Corpus Christi called Heart of Gold Tattoo Studio. My mission is to do great custom work and build a reputation of good will and trust in our community. Thanks for checking out my work! For more updated photos of the tattoos i do, follow my on instagram: @texasjavitattoos
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    Corpus Christi, Texas
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    Drawing,working hard, learning everything i can about my craft and loving my family.
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    Tattooer dude guy manchild.

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  1. I imagine theyll release it on Hellcat? Thats badass, thanks Lochlan and Jake for the info! Gonna check it out now.
  2. I learned how to make homemade tattoo machines when i was about 14 or 15 in high school by a Sur 13 buddy i had in my advertising design class...i was a punk rocker but we got along just fine hahaha He came over to my house one day after i had given him the stuff to make a machine and he tattooed me with indian ink...it was the girls bathroom sign on my upper arm hahah (dont ask)! I managed to hide it at home but in school i was really proud of it and showed it off all the time like a dork. One time my sister was visiting my parents and i was sitting on the couch and my t-shirt sleeve was pulled up a bit and my mom asked if that was magic marker on my skin. I said yeah, and my sister lifted up my whole sleeve and saw it also...she said, "yeah its just marker". Till this day im still not sure if she really thought it was marker of if she was just helpin me out (shes a real cool sis). Later that year i tattooed the outline of the fist and the banners from the cover of Rancid's Let's Go album on my ditch on that same arm...i went and showed my mom what i had done and told her i wanted to be a tattoo artist when i got out of school and she just shook her head and turned around in disappointment. Days later and even now she'll warn me that people judge and i wont get a job even tho ive been tattooing for quite a few years now! haha My dad was always fine with them and would tell my mom not to give me a hard time. As long as i was a good kid, the tattoos shouldnt matter. Even when he was real sick and before he passed away, he would compliment my tattoos on how nice the work was! My mom still asks me not to get anymore tattoos but she cant tell whether i have any new tattoos unless i tell her about them.
  3. Well, i dont care what anyone thinks...haha but i really really love skrewdriver and their sound...i dont believe or support any of their lyrics and just take it for what it is...fuck it. And Lochlan, TEMPLARS ARE THE BEST!!!! Also love Main Street Saints...anyone? Im also a big fan of psychobilly. I have a cheesy looking butcher knife with a banner that says "Mutant Rock" in it and the blood on the blade form the letters "O.T.M.A.P.P." which stands for Only The Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly. I also have a beer bottle with a banner around it that says "SICK BOY" in it. What else...i have a Pedro Infante portrait...google it. I have a Mastodon water drop from their blood mountain album. and last but not least a really bad homemade tattoo that i did on myself when i was about 14 on the inner side of my calf that reads "PUNX FOR LIFE" hahah so yeah...thats about it.
  4. Hahah, yeah, that kinda knowledge could win me a friggin car in Germany!
  5. Damn, sounds like my kind of read hahaha, im down i'll tell my wife to find one of his books on amazon or something for me! Thanks man
  6. OH wow, that sounds rad Lochlan! I'm not much of a reader but i'll check that out for sure...i like alot of those character man! Shady as fuck! haha
  7. I always loved the part where they go to the Oprah Winfrey Show and when the oprah theme songs plays Carlton busts out with his crazy ass dance hahahahaha oh man...lemme youtube that shit real quick...hold up... here it is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1hZFovigIU
  8. haha, i tend to be pretty good at changing words up like that...i play alot of boggle and scrabble on my phone...hahaha
  9. Yeah i dig putting on movies in the shop....but i mute them and slap the captions on and put some music on...it just makes everything feel more active in here you know?...I dont know... Movies I like to put on are Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, FREAKS, The Warriors, Scarface, and so on...violence and weird imagery really comes thru very well even with the volume turned down...and yeah i forgot who said it but it keeps the client occupied while im trying to work. Some clients tend to get out of the position i need them to be in everytime the needle stops to look at what ive done on them, even tho its only a couple of lines and it drives me quietly insane when they do that. hahaha 2 thumbs up for movies in the shop.
  10. Bahaha, thats a rad pic...is Tim Hendricks signed up on here?
  11. Ben! Hells yeah! Just slappin da' bass!
  12. Hahaha, i totally would...then after winning said car i would complete the word...it would go from "Mini" to "My Minion"
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    me n creep

    Me and my coworker Creep One!
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    I cant dance so i make fun of people who do.
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    Doucher pic
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