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  1. Thanks everyone, I feel reassured :)
  2. Thanks. It's really only been 30 hours since finished on a 7.5hr session so I guess I should expect some trauma but I've never had a large piece before so this experience feels totally new. The fact that the red area was spreading outwards was worrying me a bit.
  3. It's only day two, so this could be totally normal, but the red 'sunburned feeling' area around the tattoo is spreading outwards, in some places a good 4 inches beyond the tattoo. Is this just a typical reaction, or do I need to go back and see my tattooist? :confused: Thanks :rolleyes:
  4. Haha! I actually thought of you when it happened (because of reading that in the FAQ). Come to think of it, she is Chinese... perhaps she knows a thing or two I don't ;)
  5. You Need to See This Gorgeous Last Unicorn Tattoo
  6. I think your robot is really cute. But I also think your owl is beautiful!
  7. My brother's friend's wife was over, it was my niece's first birthday. I was wearing a singlet because my tattoo has been sticking to my t-shirt. She just held her palm above it, then brought down her hand hard. And laughed.
  8. Asshole behaviour can come from both sexes. We just had a visitor over who looked at my fresh, healing tattoo AND SLAPPED IT. I was so shocked I just kind of sat there... in pain.
  9. Sorry I meant dust up as in a fight!
  10. Some of those look like they are having a huge dust up, is that the idea? They are really unusual and awesome.
  11. At one point I had this feeling come on suddenly like I was going to be sick, but I took a quick bathroom break and it passed. The tattooist said it's common for people to experience a bit of shock.
  12. @beez such beautiful tattoos and such a gorgeous lady!
  13. The artist smiled and said, "that's pretty much what I was going to do anyway except the water bands will be black, not blue." My daughter was impressed by the tattoo but still said, "wear lots of long t-shirt, ok?". Heh.
  14. Got my koi done today finally. We didn't go all the way around the back this time, the tattooist thought it would be better to wait until I extend it down to the forearm to do that. The colours don't look that great in the photo- irl they are far brighter. Need to take a daytime + healed photo at some point. 7.5 hours.
  15. I did 7.5 hours today, and I didn't die :) You'll get through it!
  16. Unbelievable. It's scary who gets to work with children.
  17. Thanks @TrixieFaux and @El Dolmago I think she'll get over it too. I gave her a big hug and reminded her that she didn't -really- have a normal mummy anyway. She said, "oh, yeah..." Heh. I reassured her that just because I was getting an upper arm tattoo didn't mean I was going to suddenly pick her up from school in a tank top (because that's not what I normally wear). I also printed out for her the koi design I'm getting and asked her to colour it for me. Now she's really excited and wants to show the tattoo artist her colour choices ;)
  18. And on another note: Mummies/Mommies with tattoos... my 10 year old daughter imagined the tattoo I am getting tomorrow would be smaller. Now that she has realised I am getting my upper arm covered she is upset. I asked her why she is upset and she said "Because I want a normal mummy!". Heart -broken-.
  19. Small rant- looking on Google image search for women with Japanese sleeve tattoos turns up picture after picture of pouting beauties in which the tattoo is not clearly visible, but oh! look at the sulky/coquettish tattooed lady! Sigh.
  20. Thank you @Lance much appreciated :) Looking forward to furthering my education!
  21. USD$20 plus USD$31 in postage for slow mail... If you say it's worth it, I'll believe you :) - - - Updated - - - Does that apply to the ladies? - - - Updated - - - This is the book I originally read about the shading in, I believe.
  22. I've just put in an order. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
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