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  1. I had a little stumble for a couple of days and slipped into an old, bad habit. It was just a little stumble....a very tiny one. But it was a reminder that no matter how solid you think you become, little cracks can appear from no where.

    Yeah... I've been feeling like this is going to happen to me soon. It's a weird feeling. Like, it hasn't happened yet- so don't let it happen!

  2. I think I'm doing worse now than last week, the finality is creeping in slowly. There is so much to do when someone else dies, I can't even imagine who is going to clean up after me, but I should start getting rid of my things soon. Hospice has a support group that is local, I may take advantage of that just to get out and talk to others in the same boat.

    Sounds like a good idea going to the support group. Do you have someone to help you with the mundane stuff while you are grieving?

  3. So glad to hear that he's feeling better! I am a bunny lover myself, however I'm in the bad books at the moment, Hermann is sitting in MY on the couch refusing to move or talk to me as I rearranged his designated area without his prior permission. :rolleyes:

    OMG he is GORGEOUS!

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