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  1. @Zillah

    how is your arm doing today? hopefully the redness has gone done along with the tenderness.

    Aww I'm touched you thought of me, thank you!

    It's still tender and red, but increasingly less so. The redness on the half of the tattoo closest to the body has gone yellow, so I guess it was bruising. The other half is still catching up! It's getting really tight and tingly, the precursor to scabbing/itching maybe?

  2. Thanks @misterJ - I was a little nervous about infection but at the same time my rational nurse-brain was kicking in, saying "you don't have a fever."

    I just didn't really know what to expect, I think. I knew it would be red, painful, and weepy, then scabby and itchy, but wasn't sure about time frames and certainly didn't expect to feel 'hit by a truck' the day after.

    Oh well- now I know for next time :cool:

  3. Thanks. It's really only been 30 hours since finished on a 7.5hr session so I guess I should expect some trauma but I've never had a large piece before so this experience feels totally new. The fact that the red area was spreading outwards was worrying me a bit.

  4. It's only day two, so this could be totally normal, but the red 'sunburned feeling' area around the tattoo is spreading outwards, in some places a good 4 inches beyond the tattoo.

    Is this just a typical reaction, or do I need to go back and see my tattooist? :confused:

    Thanks :rolleyes:

  5. What?! Who does that?

    My brother's friend's wife was over, it was my niece's first birthday. I was wearing a singlet because my tattoo has been sticking to my t-shirt. She just held her palm above it, then brought down her hand hard. And laughed.

  6. @Zillah - looks awesome - what does your daughter think? What did your artist think of her color choices for the Koi? I just love that :)

    The artist smiled and said, "that's pretty much what I was going to do anyway except the water bands will be black, not blue."

    My daughter was impressed by the tattoo but still said, "wear lots of long t-shirt, ok?". Heh.

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