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  1. Good evening Julio. Pls do post your links and post your work here (your profile/blog/post/etc) so people can see it. As to the blog, you can do that here! Think of "everything" under one roof, a one stop shop, for tattooers, new clients, and old clients! We are trying to capture and set up an arena for tattoo enthusiasts to build a web based community!

    Thanks for the compliments but this site is to really be fueled by passionate people form the tattoo world looking to continue to progress tattooing down every avenue. So once we are done with this "Beta" run of invitees we'll have everyone spread the word (we'll let everyone know when were go "live" to the public). I/we would love to have your shop start a page as well.

    As for Scott, he'll be joining us shortly with his content. Was just at the warehouse all day with him building tattoo machines talking about the site, so wait n see, as he has some great things coming to LST!!??!!

    Until next time...have a good day!

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