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  1. Thankfully, no. My artist is a cool dude and does have me give him deposits.
  2. I had an appointment to get a tattoo a few days ago and cancelled because I got cold feet, that has never happened to me before but lead me to believe that maybe I subconsciously knew this was an impulse piece more than a thoughtful one.
  3. My parents were very upset when I started getting tattoos and got downright miserable when I didn't stop (lol). Everytime they bring up my tattoos I bring up the good things I do in my life for myself and for my community. It actually helps too when we are in public and strangers compliment my pieces.
  4. I get more dirty looks than dumb questions, I usually enjoy getting questions from "plain-skins" but yes my biggest pet peeve is hearing about what they are going to get one day. Not likely I always think.
  5. Have any of you lovely ladies heard of The Modified Dolls?
  6. Rightonkaleyross

    New school bat

    Done by Kory Swanson
  7. Paid $1,200 and he completely missed her key facial features. But otherwise a lovely tattoo -_-
  8. Most of my pieces are done by Kory Swanson, but I also have one by Branden at Hardline Tattoo CO. And a portrait by Kyle cotterman.
  9. Almost all my tattoos are from the same artist, but he is versatile and always down for whatever idea I come up with. Not to mention I am a creature of habit.
  10. I just got my profit sharing check, so I'm planning on getting my golden retriever done traditional style on the back of one calf, and my one eyed rescue dog new school style on the other.
  11. Gauze would scare me because if it dries it will get stuck and might pull the ink out. Gauze might be okay if you moisten it before you pull it off.
  12. Don't ever feel like you shouldn't get a tattoo based on your weight! Everybody should decorate their bodies however they see fit!
  13. My latest tattoo was done at the Motor City Tat Con by portrait artist Kyle Cotterman. Idk how I feel about it, what is y'all's opinion? Sorry if that's not an ok link, I'm new and don't know how to post pics yet http://rightonkaleyross.tumblr.com/post/77534524828/got-a-portrait-of-my-beautiful-mema-today-by
  14. I am twenty years old and have 11 tattoos and am a member of the Michigan Modified Dolls.
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