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  1. We have all been on their searching every day. Something will turn up eventually, unfortunately we think it is some one who tattoos, they took other things that just led us to believe they were some how in the know. Thanks for the kind words.
  2. Beginning of this month, November 6th or 7th about 15 machines were stolen from our shop. No leads yet so figured I would reach out to anyone in the greater Cleveland area that may have heard anything or bought something that seemed to good to be true. Items to look out for: Roy Rogers rotary with floral design on the canister, Lucky's supply one off nickel plated liner, stamped with a small anchor next to the binding post, one inch coils. Random one offs, one engraved with ''SARAH Cleveland Scum" , two of them built on Glyn Flew Waters frames one has a Seth Ciferri a-bar(says it on the a-bar) the other has a rear coil that is split in the middle from Surreal Customs. Two Workhorse Irons machines, Soba pilot 2011 and Seth Ciferri Owen 2012. Anyone with information please Contact West Anchor Tattoo Via facespace, call or message me through LST. Thanks, Nathan
  3. I hate blood suckers and feel bad for them at the same time. They don't understand tattooers or tattoo community, they only care about lining their pockets. I agree with not supporting these places(headshops, trucks or whatever crap shack you can buy a needle)and tell others to do the same. I was in a smoke shop in San Diego this past week and noticed they had some tattoo books, so I was like "cool, these prices are totally reasonable". Then I turned around an saw tattoo supplies. I put my stuff back and walked out. I hate places like that. They have no f*ck!ng clue.
  4. I know it is in Brooklyn, but I would suggest anyone at Smith Street. That's where I would go anyway. You referenced Smith street but Dan S. And Eli do some pretty diverse stuff.
  5. Sounds scary and disgusting. I agree with Flores to good to be true.
  6. I say just laugh it off. Probably half the time the people are thinking about that tattoo they wanted when they were young and did not get. So they are just envious of yours. When My wife and I go to the public pool I always come out after her so I have to gaze around till I see her, every time I always think to myself, man why are these people looking at me. Then I remember I have a crap load of tattoos. The stares are funny. Get used to them and laugh.
  7. What is the difference between a person with tattoos and a person without tattoos. The person with tattoos doesn't care if you don't have any. I think I heard that on here before I just thought it applied to this article. To each his own, he has to live with him self, and he will probably die bitter and alone. Having only his poorly written journalism left behind as his mark. Kind of feel sorry for someone so closed minded.
  8. I agree. I had an interview at a shop a couple years ago in the summer. The gentleman were wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts. One guy had a skull cheese work thing on the deltoid the other guy had some little crap on his hands. That's it. I did not take the job strictly based on that. Just felt they were not in it for the same reasons . And the one guy had flip flops on. Nothing against flip flops, they're comfortable and all, I just would not wear them to work.
  9. Hey man this was never about the symbol. And I agree with you on politics having little to do with tattoos. I just wanted some feed back as to whether or not I am being a jerk for refusing to do something I am very capable of doing. It just happened to be a Nazi swastika. And Swastikas were around way before white people. I have seen cuneiform writing with swastika like patterns. Most people however attribute it to Hopi Indians, Buddhist, and India. None of which are white people. I understand the hammer and sickle Stalin thing. Not to well versed on the whole communism thing but I get it. But seriously, comparing a black power fist to a Nazi swastika is reaching. That fist symbolizes empowerment over oppression. It was used to rally for unity and more over safety of black people. If you have any doubt of this read about Cointelpro, War on black America you may change your mind. So that was the first tattoo I had to now turn down. I have not had to do that before, I like the challenge of people bringing in whatever non tattoo able reference and drawing it to make a tattoo. Or using old flash as reference. I have no issues with any ones beliefs, so long as they don't take it to my door step.
  10. Like I said though, the shop he was at before quoted even higher. Like 100 dollars higher. Poor guy may never be able to polish his bigotry. (< sarcasm)
  11. yes, I agree, and like I said lesson learned, in the future I will just be straight up with him. Tell I won't do certain things. It was just the first time it happened to me and I did not think it would happen in a Cleveland Ghetto. Seen a lot covered just not any requests for redoing them. Kind of threw me. But I have my bearing now thanks.
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