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    Ontario Canada
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    Music, Art, Martial Arts
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  1. Bloody hate the term "tattys" It sounds so juvenile. "Hey man wanna hook me up with some tattys?"
  2. Von Poncho


    Steam punk pin-up girl.
  3. I swear by the stuff. Knocked at least two days off my heal times.
  4. Planning on attending. I need to get out and meet more artists.
  5. I've got a Kyubi Kitsune drawn up and waiting on my drawing board for a year or so now that is going on myself. I'll post up a shot of the drawing when I get a chance.
  6. Von Poncho


    I put a few up in the gallery for ya.
  7. Ivor Wynn Stadium (Hamilton Ontario) getting a fly over by locally flying Lancaster bomber #VR-A and a Cdn F-18 fighter jet.
  8. Von Poncho


    I believe this design came from a Paul Jeffries flash sheet or I at least based it off of it.
  9. Von Poncho


    Portrait of client's Grandmother
  10. Von Poncho


    Tiger breaking out of glass
  11. Skull with braided beard
  12. Von Poncho

    Cat sleeve

    Ongoing cat sleeve
  13. Von Poncho


    Thanks for the welcome. How ya want me to share em? a link or post pics?
  14. Von Poncho


    I'm a tattoo and pinstripe artist from Hamilton Ontario Canada. Just looking to hook up and talk and share with other like minded individuals. I've been tattooing since 2005. I'm also a musician. Cheers.
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