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  1. Is it poor form to ask an artist to cover up their own work? In my case it isn't that the tattoos are poorly done or that i regret them or anything, quite the opposite actually. Its just that they are fifteen years old, and i am a different person now with different taste. i have other ideas for things i want on me, and seeing as how i want a Japanese half-sleeve on my left arm, one of them would have to be covered to make that happen anyhow. I have to, for the time being, confine my tattoos to areas not visible when wearing a polo type shirt, so the real estate on my upper arms is precious.
  2. I think we can all pack our things and go home now. This is the worst tattoo in the history of humankind. If someone finds pictorial evidence of one worse than this, I no longer want to be a part of this species.
  3. What do you guys think of a tattoo done in this style, as far as longevity goes? This is from the portfolio of the artist who is doing my next tattoo. I want it done in this style, which in my mind is somewhere between traditional and fine line. He did some traditional swallows on my arms back in 2000 which have held up wonderfully, so if it is more an issue of artist than style, I feel very confident that his work will last: https://m.facebook.com/316443508476518/photos/a.316447148476154.77093.316443508476518/332569580197244/?type=1&source=46&refid=17
  4. Went and put my deposit down for my Charra girl on Friday. I am ridiculously stoked for this tattoo. The 3-4 week wait is unbearable.
  5. Noooice! Oh and daveborjes - I meant any and all. Drawings, tattoos, whatever.
  6. Let me preface this by saying that yes I Googled and used the search function and still couldn't find this. That said...does anyone have any pics of mariachi/charra ladyheads? That's my next piece and I would like a reference picture or two to bring to the artist.
  7. Don't get to get out much...but i between work and classes i have been playing the shit out of my PS3, having a beer or two on the patio before the weather turns hellish, and giving my wonderful little son a bunch of snuggles and hugs.
  8. My wife made chicken tostadas for dinner. Right now I am sitting on the crapper drinking a cold Lone Star.
  9. Lol noooo! This isn't for the Japanese style piece I was asking about. This is for a ladyhead. I have work by him and think this kind of piece would be right in his wheelhouse. The Japanese half sleeve is a reward for finishing school at the end of next year, and I am going to adhere to the recommendations you guys made.
  10. Going to drop by the shop next Monday to consult and set an appointment. I am stoked. This is my "end of spring semester" tattoo. That's a good reason I figure. Good thing I am already enrolled for summer and fall courses.:cool:
  11. Oh my, that is quite a wait. Thanks for all the feedback so far guys!
  12. Hi all! I am planning to reward myself for finishing school next year by getting a lovely Japanese half sleeve. That said, I want to get it done by the best in the area. I am in Houston, but willing to drive anywhere in the state (Well except maybe El Paso...that is like fifteen hours...). So, who are some of the best artists in Texas for Japanese work? Thanks!
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