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  1. It's a great tattoo! Don't forget, it won't look as black in a couple of months, once it's settled properly.
  2. @bongsau looks like you've finally run out of space and had to start layer 2 now ;-)
  3. Really love this one! Cranes are awesome ;-)
  4. omeletta


    It's rather unlikely to take that long...might actually take less than half that time. But as zetroc said, it'll depend on a number of factors. Enjoy!
  5. Well, sounds like you don't have a great feeling re this guy, so I'd recommend to follow your gut and look around a bit more. I think it's totally reasonable if you're after a different experience, people are just different...luckily ;-)
  6. Hi there and welcome! AFAIK it's rather unusual to see a design in advance. Depends on the artist though, I guess it's worth asking if they'd do it for money. But, isn't the whole point of checking out shops and artists' portfolios to find out who you'd really want the tattoo from? As in, trust them enough that it'll be great? Which also defies the point of asking someone else from the shop to do it because you don't want to wait. Just because they work in the same shop doesn't mean they are equally good or have similar styles...there are of course always things that most decent tattooist can do. But those don't usually need too much of advance design work anyway... What's the hurry? The tattoo is for life, if you think you've found the right tattoo artist, just enjoy the wait. Look at it like waiting for xmas as a child ;-) Good luck!
  7. Congrats, it's such an awesome tattoo! To be fair, I thought they were all pretty awesome, but one has to make decision... Looking forward to the next contest :-)
  8. Not entirely sure what your intention is here...are you planning to take this photo to a reputable tattoo artist as a reference to put something similar on you? If so, why not. A decent artist will give you a good tattoo. There may be a bit too much text as others mentioned, but you wouldn't want to get an exact copy anyway, would you? Take it as an idea and make it your own!
  9. If you like skulls, check out the tattoo of the month contest from December:
  10. I assume you are aware that a healed tattoo will never look as vibrant as the one in the photo? Nothing to do with how good the artist is, but with how tattoos heal. Just saying... Still always a good a idea to try and find a good artist.
  11. I could imagine that using UV ink might work in this case as well...? @Piecewise if you let us know where you're based, someone may be able to direct you to a place nearby where you may get actual help with your question. Good Luck and feel free to keep us updated! Quite an interesting topic methinks...
  12. Weird things happen in this world...I seem to remember you're not the first person that came here to ask about involuntary UV tattoos...found the old thread actually, maybe it's useful to you in some way: As for the tattoo machine question, you may have figured this out by now, but of course one doesn't need a machine at all. Just something that puts the ink deep into the skin, a needle usually. Traditional tattooing was and is done this way as well as stick and poke tattoos. No special equipment needed as such and no electricity. No noise made. Good luck with your research!
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