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  1. I had always been interested in tattoos. My grandfather had tattoos from the time he spent in the navy. They were old and most of them had fallen apart but they really grabbed my attention. I held off getting tattooed when I was younger because my dad had insisted that I waited until I was certain that I wanted to get tattooed (I wasn't going to argue with him). I got my first tattoo when I was 25. A sailor jerry swallow by Stewart Robson. Since then I haven't looked back.
  2. Hey. Thanks guys. I've been very lucky. I planning on taking some decent pics of all my tattoos soon. At the moment all I have are shitty phone pics. You can see my backpiece (in progress) on the second episode of Valerie's Tattoo age (I'm the guy at the end). Here is one of my tattoos by Valerie http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/gallery/showimage2.php?i=4458&catid=member&imageuser=211
  3. I've been very lucky. Living in London close to Frith Street means that I have some of the worlds best on my doorstep. There is also a stream of amazing guests that go through the shop. So far I haven't had to travel out of London. Having said that I would be willing to travel to get tattooed. I'd love to take a trip to NY and California. Smith Street, Black Heart and Spider Murphys are on the hit-list.
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    Hello everyone, I have been lurking on LST for a while but have never introduced myself and said hello. Hello! I'm Adam, 27 from London and I'm a tattoo collector. There, I've admitted it. So far I've had the pleasure of being tattooed by the following; Steve Boltz Dan Santoro Jordan Teear Sarah Schor Chad Koeplinger Stewart Robson and Valerie Vargas. All my tattoo's where done at Frith Street Tattoo in London. That's it. Cheers. Adam.
  5. This thread is making me insanely jealous! So coming up in Sept I have an appointment with Dan Santoro while he's in London (will pick a piece from his flash). Then there is my ongoing backpiece with Valerie at Frith Street. Hoping to get that completed this year.
  6. Latest by Sarah Schor. While she was guesting at Frith Street.
  7. Hey. No I don't believe I'm associated with them. I'm from London but I think the name is welsh originally. Maybe, not sure.

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