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  1. I Don't know if he does THE BEST panther tattoos, but I've always liked Jeff Zucks. This one is pretty fucking awesome IMO. Then theres this lil guy too.
  2. He seems to know what hes doing. Not something I'd lose sleep over. Plus, you say you've already got one? So shouldn't we be asking you, wanna give us all an update in 2022?
  3. Heres one I found on the Cat Claw Tattoo web site. Pretty awesome IMO, a funny take on an old stand-by. Although personally "funny" tattoos aren't for me, but I'm glad this is on somebody. Kinda blatant spot though, but now that I think about it, one of my best friends has a tattoo with swastika incorporated in it right in his elbow ditch. His swasi is even bigger too. Its some old sailor/naval flash if I remember correctly, with a wish bone and some other good luck charm-type-stuff involved. He doesn't get much flack for it as far as I know, but I guess he can intimidate some people, mostl
  4. Is this on you? Regardless I like it. Mr.Krak does it again!!
  5. Yes, I've got one or two. Yes, they're native American -part of a design on/in a head-dress tattoo. No, the point isn't to be confrontational. No, they're not visible on a day to day basis. My screen name -on the other hand- was originally to be a confrontational dickhead. A troll if you will. While I'm divulging information on tattoos I've got that may or may not offend, for the record, I've also got a tattoo of a laurel wreath, a rune (Eihwaz), a pentagram, a portrait of Satan, and a Krampus. Soooo, Who wants to be friends?
  6. I know I'm super late, but I just wanted to thank you. I've been in dire need of a new way to kill time at work, the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum site has come to the rescue.
  7. I had to chime in on this one. I've got one. Its a clubhouse/brotherhood thing. Its stupid. It hurt like hell. It looks like shit. ........But thats the point! I'd never really recomend it to anyone, but I don't regret mine at all. Sometimes i like things with a rough edge, not pretty, far from perfect, but thats me. Besides, how else am I gonna get tough guy points like jade1955? While we're on the subject, how does everyone feel about tattooers doing stick'n pokes with tattoo needles and tattoo ink? Seems more silly than un-skilled americans doing Tebori.
  8. I honestly like what this guy has going on for the most part. I'd take that big gorilla face over a portait of Marylin Monroe, or Johnny Cash flipping me off, or a mario brothers tattoo anyday. I've got weird taste though. The lion is a recreation of an old tattoo, I wanna say a british tattoo maybe I saw it in the 1000 tattoos book? When it comes down to it, theres very few tattoos I can hate on, as long as they're done well. Even then, sometimes a shitty tattoo has a certain charm. Blah blah blah, I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I don't like tribal (random example), but I can
  9. So so awesome. People always talk about how nice and humble and cool the last person who tattooed them is, and half the time I'm thinking "bullshit", but I had the pleasure of being tattooed by Dan last year and he was super fucking cool. Just a genuine nice guy. Afterwards he took my girlfriend and I to his shop and introduced us to his wife, we had coffee and just shot the shit. Never seemed forced or like he was trying to sell me on something. I'm already planning my next trip out east for more. Sorry-this post was more about Daniel Santoro in general and not really about tattoo age,
  10. I'm kinda surprised how many people around here feel the same way I do about this subject. No hands, neck, or face tattoos. At least not anytime soon, like someone else said-a promise to my mother. I've got one arm pit done, It really didn't hurt hardly as much as I thought it would. I'm not even sure if its in the top 5 as far as pain goes, in my experience at least. I want to get my other arm pit done sometime, just don't know what to get yet. I've also got reverse knuckle tattoos, like, palm side, but where people get knuckle tattoos. Does that make sense? The only time anyone seems t
  11. A guy I used to work with recently got "IDAHOBOY" knuckle tattoos. Pretty funny. Also, now one hand just says "OBOY". #Winning
  12. This guy could've saved some money and just gotten himself infected with juandice. Just looking at these pictures makes my eyes hurt, but to each their own I guess.
  13. I got my first tattoo while traveling, some what on a whim. It was at Bowery Tattoo in New York, and I can't for the life of me remember the name of the gentleman who tattooed me. I flew to New York around November of last year for the soul purpose of getting tattooed by Daniel Santoro, and Bert Krak. It was awesome, they were both super nice and I was especially glad I made the extra trip out to Top Shelf in Queens to get zapped by mr.Krak. Other than those all my tattoos have been done in my home town.
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