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  1. Pretty crazy to think about this' date=' I'm 24 and been getting tattooed now for 8 years, It's a shorter list than most, but I only collect work now from people in the industry who's work I love and who's integrity is apparent!

    "Walter" from 'New Life' - Coleraine

    Pert from Ink Castle, Belfast (multiple)

    Aaron Lyons - Sydney, Aus


    Jay Jay - Blood Brothers, London (multiple)

    Chris Dettmer - Germany

    'Tiny Miss Becca' - Jayne Doe, Essex

    Uncle Allan - Denmark

    Sam Ricketts - UK

    Bugs - London/LA (3 sessions)

    Chad Koeplinger - Everywhere! (multiple)

    Shane Sunday (Old Boss)

    Steve Boltz - Brooklyn, NYC

    Ben Phillips - Swansea Tattoo Co.

    Dan Smith - UK/NZ/LA

    Lindsey Carmichael - Costa Mesa, US

    Ross Nagle - Limerick, Ireland[/quote']

    Hey Sam Ricketts tattoos in my home town. Killer shark tattoos.

  2. I've just sent an email demanding that they remove a couple of my images.

    What a bunch of scumbags.

    Who are these artists they referer to on the site that links to Tattoo Donkey-Tattoo Me Now (Sheryl Unwin,

    Erick Legoretta and Alejandro "Al" Alvarez?

    There's also a tattooer called Biro from Forever Art Tattoo Studio, Australia, who gets a mention on the Tattoo Me Now site.

  3. Steve from Bath x 2 (about 40 years ago)

    Henry Hate

    Emiliano Liberatori x 8

    Stefano Ceri-5

    Stewart Robson x 8

    Mo Coppoletta x 2

    Chad Koeplinger x 3

    Nikki Balls x 3


    Mario Desa x 3

    Jordan x 6

    Frank Carter

    Matty D'Arienzo x 3

    Bert Krak

    Nick Colella

    Valerie Vargas x 3

    Daniel Albrigo

    Oliver Peck

    El Monga

    Duncan X

    Kris Manyana x 2

    Alex Binnie

    Brad Fink

    Bailey Hunter Robinson

    Eli Quinters

    Doc Price

    Miles x 5

    Steve Boltz

    Lee Hadfield

    Rose Hardy

    Jondix x 2


    Adam Sage

    Jimmie Skuse

    Sam Rickets

    Gino Angelov

    Adam Warmerdam

    Henning Jorgenson

    Lal Hardy

    Shaun Topper

    Jesse Gordon

    Claudia De Sabe

    Dan Hague

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