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  1. Lochian , thanks a lot , my mailing address is 97newport road , newbradwell Milton Keynes , mk 13 OAJ , louisgoodwin@skingraff.com , hayleygoodwin@skingraff.com. As for time I'm going to be holding the sale of raffle tickets for at least 2 months to get maximum coverage in local press. Thanks again to all maximum respect to all helping.
  2. last week in my home town a girl was fatally stabbed to death in her own home leaving behind a young daughter with no mum, I attended school with her and knew her fairly well ,as much as had not spoke to her for long time i have decided to support the little girl in giving to her trust fund. i have decided to hold a raffle at my tattoo shop first prize is £250 tattoo voucher and my other tattooist has kindly donated £150 voucher. what im looking for is any other things in which i can offer to draw people to the gig. It can be anything like signed flash T shirts. thanks to all who has already helped. i will post up how it went louis goodwin
  3. i lost my hole shop in a fire in december its a real kick in the ass, in the end the insurance payed after many sleepless nights waiting for a yes and a cheque . while the builders rebuilt the shop i made good of the time off from drawing designs for customers and painted. spending time with the family and trying to not let it get you down is my only advise, thoughts go uot to you all.
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    old school rose

    old school rose
  5. my first girls head
  6. Do you get stuck in the corner at BBQ s when people find out your a tattooist . E.g. dave just said your a tattooist ! Cool I want a tattoo blahh blahhh blahhh my mate dose tattoos blahh blahh look at this one I got blahhh blahhh blahh ..... Or am I the only lucky fucker with people all up in my grill covered with spit lol. Tell ya stores ............
  7. thanks every one for the heads up i have been to london and to art warehouse called atlantis. a kid in a very well stocked art super market. if your in the uk go there. its in the islington not to far from the family business tattoo shop but they had no appointments so i poped in to frith street tattoos to see if dante had any tattooists free for a small one but out of luck there too. but a good day was had.
  8. cool good call i have done a few ill post them up when i get time thanks. this site rocks for this kinda stuff
  9. Does any one have any water colour tip e.g getting greys to blend out perfectly ,or who makes the best products , and do you really need to stretch the paper with water first .... Any tips would be cool
  10. Would love to offer removal at my shop but always kept away from it due to lack of knowledge . If you have time I would love to pick your brains fella .

  11. Get some ink , and doing the Kat von d and calling every one dude lol ,but the thing that I hate the most is free hand "do you do free hand " or look at my shite tat he did it free hand " great next time get him to use a stencil .
  12. I have a shop and i have a apprentice - tattooist he has be come good enough to tattoo and has come to me saying he would like to do other stiles like japanese and old school and seems to be a bit disheartened with his future as he thinks he will be doing lettering and basic stufffor years to come , he is a year in to tattooing and i feel that he should be doing everything that comes to the door, I have a good reputation in and around my town for japanese and some old school and people come in to the shop for this reason so giving it to my other tattooist some times feels like the public is not getting for what they asked for sometimes. so ???????? how do you police who gets what in a shop with lots of artists do you ? lay out each tattooists profiles and the public can choose? ??? or do i take all i want as its my shop lol which can cause friction im lost on the best way for the business to go about this. \ so can any one help me threw this if they have had the same problems or has a better idea to deal with it let me know.
  13. This is every thing I love about tattoos
  14. Its a hard subject which offends all walks of life in the industry. My self and my co worker are new to the industry only tattooing for 4 years Coming in on the wave of tattoo reality shows some would say but also coming from the art industry prior to inking, I have one thought and that is, I have seen lots of artistically challenged tattooist with shops doing cheap tattoos, not good I hear you say but there seem to be a Line of artistically challenged costumers waiting for cheap tattoos, The sad thing is when you get a costumer pull up there sleeve and show you a "tattoo" which would make a Billy goat puke. People need to really look at the tattooist before working with them. Some people do get tattoos with as much thought as buying a pair of shoes, Maybe there should be a governing body of people who award tattoo shops a certificate of quality so the public could make a choice between good and bad. But again things with so many variables are hard to police. But to start I think someone needs to put a stop to shops opening with such a small amount of time spent on the machine just to protect the public and just as important to protect the image of the industry. Shit sticks as we all know. Peace n out fockers
  15. what are your thoughts on stencil machines , who,s are the best or do you like to do your own ?????
  16. I have loved watching this tattoo unfold on the blog really love the back of the legs.
  17. I had a shop fire DEC 19th and lost everything , i have rebuilt the lot and we're almost ready to open. Now im trying to think of a cool idea for the re open to grab public attention. If any one has any thing up there sleeves post here.
  18. Thanks for the book , heads up il take a look

  19. The only problem I have had is my wife to be as of July this year, wants every tattoo she sees tattooed at my shop lol. Books her self in and nearly always gets canceled for paying costumers who want the appointments. Tattoo lady's are a must, pinkies are just to normal for me. I have had a few Helpers over the years and there pinkies have complained as the art has spread on to visible skin. Tattooing your spouse can be like your dad teaching you to drive lol ....
  20. Thanks for the book list dude I'll try to get them all, you can never have enough reference.

  21. UKIYO-E gian carlo calza, traditional japanese art . bj bets lettering T. hoopers ,book of skulls