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  1. Im always looking for reference and tattoo books ? what are your favourite books?
  2. There is a good Russian tattoo book in the shops at the moment i cant remember what its called as it got damaged in my shop fire, when i get time ill give it a scrub and post the name, it was from boarders the uk book shop! It had photos of woman covered in prison tats seemingly happy to be naked with one arm slung over there mates shoulder havin fag lol. And hard as f^*k by the looks of it. i love the russian red square buildings tattoos ! not sure what the proper name for them is ?????????
  3. small tattoos on the gap between your first finger and thumb , candles , skulls spiders , scorpions ,
  4. love the lot ,clean and colour packed

  5. Louisgoodwin

    neck birds

    really love your work been a fan for while now
  6. i have been tattooing for 3 years and have a little shop in milton keynes , please comment on my works good or bad it will help thanks

  7. old school cut throat
  8. part of a on going sleeve
  9. cat and masonic eye
  10. Louisgoodwin

    mid 2

    kids names and a red chock which is family
  11. cherry blossoms on full sleeve
  12. I had a customer ask me to cover his 6 tattoos with black squares around 8 inches square , when I asked him if it was a religious choice or something he had to do for the SAS or some secret cult he was in . He just replied iv just never seen anything I like that would cover it up and i don't like them any more .?. I showed him lots of stuff and ever drew something on him so he could see what it would look like . He replied naah squares will do . When we did it I asked my mate to sit in just in case he was a phsyco and was cruising to kill some one . My most hated tattoo to do is tribal dragon
  13. Hi to all love the site lots of stuff to see and it's all good stuff