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  1. Louis Goodwin , black and grey tattoos
  2. Louis Goodwin , black and grey tattoos
  3. Tattooed by Louis Goodwin @ skingraff uk
  4. gipsy head girls head
  5. japanese sleeve dragon
  6. Japanese dragon on the shoulder .louis goodwin
  7. Skingraff comics are proud to present The Inktitioner. Join cowboy joe as he deals with the a new generation of tattooers ,walk ins, and demented misadventures. Go back in time with his ancestors on there ship "The Stacked Actress" as they sail the seas and discover secrets in lost islands. And meet timmy as he scratches his way threw the unsuspected public.
  8. Supporting cancer is really important for what ever reason. I missed the event but did see a few posts on IG. I was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer last year in April 2012, with help from the public our race of humans is (phucking cancer) and when i found out I feared the worst but was amazed by the advances in science. Its been a year now and i back on my feet and back with the lads in my UK based shop that I started in 2007, There is always a chance of it coming back and i have to be all clear for 5 years before I can relax. Fingers crossed, all my treatment chemotherapy (which sucked like you would not believe) has totally killed the tumour in my lymph node. If this was 5 years ago i would have not been here now, and this is due to people like you guys getting up and not just talking about it that has helped millions like me. We in the tattoo industry sit in a privileged position, directly in the public eye and we have such a large network of fellow colleges that getting the word around really works quick and effective. My self and my employes tattooed moustache for free at my shop for the day and we got coverage in the papers and the queue was down the road, it really was the talk of town. Seeing everyone here doing events like this makes me proud to be a tattooer. My heart goes out to the family and friends of any one involved. KEEP IT UP FOLKES IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE! louis
  9. its been a long time since iv been on here and would just like to say hi , There was only one video on here when i was last on LST so i have alot of catching up to do phuk cancer and its bitches. really amazed how things have come along the quality of workmanship is scary.
  10. finally tattooing again after cancer good to be back
  11. finally tattooing again after cancer good to be back
  12. finally tattooing again after cancer good to be back