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  1. Supporting cancer is really important for what ever reason. I missed the event but did see a few posts on IG.

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer last year in April 2012, with help from the public our race of humans is (phucking cancer) and when i found out I feared the worst but was amazed by the advances in science. Its been a year now and i back on my feet and back with the lads in my UK based shop that I started in 2007, There is always a chance of it coming back and i have to be all clear for 5 years before I can relax. Fingers crossed, all my treatment chemotherapy (which sucked like you would not believe) has totally killed the tumour in my lymph node.

    If this was 5 years ago i would have not been here now, and this is due to people like you guys getting up and not just talking about it that has helped millions like me. We in the tattoo industry sit in a privileged position, directly in the public eye and we have such a large network of fellow colleges that getting the word around really works quick and effective. My self and my employes tattooed moustache for free at my shop for the day and we got coverage in the papers and the queue was down the road, it really was the talk of town. Seeing everyone here doing events like this makes me proud to be a tattooer.

    My heart goes out to the family and friends of any one involved.



  2. There is a tattooist up the road from me it has a couple of scratchers in it , we used to get all there reworks and cover ups .

    One day a girl came in and they had spelt something with a S instead of a C so to correct it they coloured the bottom loop in black so she had a name with a dot under it and not a small one . I laugh now but she was crying at the time !

    A few weeks later we found out the had had a fight between each other and shut down due to spelling each others names wrong on each other nec .

    The really sad thing is I know a lot of people who have been there because it has the word Tattoo out side it and pics of tattoos inside and you can't tell until it heals most of the time that the tattoo sucks .

    My first bad tattoo I did was on my self a full colour bullet on my wrist after I hammered it in with a super long throw and super volts ,all the colour fell out and it is now the best penis tattoo you have ever seen lol .

  3. i lost my hole shop in a fire in december its a real kick in the ass, in the end the insurance payed after many sleepless nights waiting for a yes and a cheque .

    while the builders rebuilt the shop i made good of the time off from drawing designs for customers and painted. spending time with the family and trying to not let it get you down is my only advise, thoughts go uot to you all.

  4. The only problem I have had is my wife to be as of July this year, wants every tattoo she sees tattooed at my shop lol.

    Books her self in and nearly always gets canceled for paying costumers who want the appointments.

    Tattoo lady's are a must, pinkies are just to normal for me.

    I have had a few Helpers over the years and there pinkies have complained as the art has spread on to visible skin.

    Tattooing your spouse can be like your dad teaching you to drive lol ....

  5. There is a good Russian tattoo book in the shops at the moment i cant remember what its called as it got damaged in my shop fire, when i get time ill give it a scrub and post the name, it was from boarders the uk book shop!

    It had photos of woman covered in prison tats seemingly happy to be naked with one arm slung over there mates shoulder havin fag lol.

    And hard as f^*k by the looks of it.

    i love the russian red square buildings tattoos ! not sure what the proper name for them is ?????????

  6. I had a customer ask me to cover his 6 tattoos with black squares around 8 inches square , when I asked him if it was a religious choice or something he had to do for the SAS or some secret cult he was in . He just replied iv just never seen anything I like that would cover it up and i don't like them any more .?.

    I showed him lots of stuff and ever drew something on him so he could see what it would look like .

    He replied naah squares will do .

    When we did it I asked my mate to sit in just in case he was a phsyco and was cruising to kill some one .

    My most hated tattoo to do is tribal dragon