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  1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I know this is completely in the opposite direction... but what are your reccomendations for artists in FL who specialize in traditional? On an additional note, what do yall think of the work being done here:Sean Shadel | Aces High Tattoo Shop
  2. Hey thanks for the advice. It's not exactly a long haul, it is just harder for me to get to from post. Im only allowed to leave on certain days and i don't have transportation, so it takes some planning. If that is absolutely the way to go i would be willing to do it though. Can anyone post some tradional tattoo work that took 3-5 hours to complete? thanks!
  3. I'm definately going to give them a call. Thanks for the suggestions! I know talking about pricing is kind of taboo when it comes to tattoos and that it can vary tremendously between artist and location, but what kind of size/complexity can i reasonably expect for around 5/600? I don't want to make any requests to the artist that are unreasonable or far fetched and waste everyone's time.
  4. Hey sorry for being vague. I am located at West Point, NY. I only wanted to avoid NYC because of the cost associated with traveling there and back/ possibly having to find somewhere to stay, but if NYC is going to be my best bet then i am open to it. I am also on a budget of around $5-600 and wanted to get the highest quality tattoo i could. hope that helps narrow it down a bit.
  5. Im new to the world of tattooing and have found this to be one of the only helpful and more importantly professional forums out there. I have searched the forums for good artists in the NY area, but ussually only come up with people in NYC. I am very limited in the time i have to travel (only get short specified periods of leave) and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of artists in the NY/NJ area who specialize in american traditional/black and grey tattoos? Pictures would be awesome if you have personal experience with them. Thanks everyone for your time!
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