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  1. LOL, quite right, quite right!
  2. You're right, I apologize, I've beaten this dead horse too long. I'll leave it alone now. Thanks for that link, much appreciated Fala! :)
  3. Wow, I did not realize that, good to know! I actually did not have my scalp tattoo done at a tattoo shop though, but rather a scalp micropigmentation clinic. Cosmetic tattoos are actually much more expensive than traditional, and what I was charged is what they charge all of their clients. Any thoughts on this article: Why a hair tattoo is a bad idea | SMP Debate
  4. Just found this article claiming that hair tattoos at traditional tattoo shops is a bad idea. May have scared me out of doing this. Probably restrict my tattoo work at tattoo shops to just artwork on my body and not head. This is the article- Why a hair tattoo is a bad idea | SMP Debate. Anybody agree/disagree?
  5. Thanks SStu, I appreciate the referral. I will definitely check those guys out. Been looking at their work on the website and it is the best Ive seen in the NOLA area. Even if I decide not to do scalp I'll go in and talk to them about my left arm Kanji coverup or possible add on.
  6. So is there any reason why I shouldn't go to a good, reputable tattoo shop to have more dots tattooed on my scalp? I would prefer to avoid going back to the original scalp micropigmentation clinic and having to pay airfare and travel expenses, and I really don't think they are all that good at tattooing to begin with. The more I have researched this whole cosmetic scalp tattooing thing, it just seems as though it is a bunch of propaganda and lies about needle size, ink quality, and depth of needle insertion so that they can charge a whole lot for very little work.
  7. Hey, thanks KingofCosta! No you were actually very helpful. Your response is logical and makes a ton of sense and basically confirms my suspicions. It is part of these Scalp Tattoo Clinics' sales pitch to separate themselves from the rest of the tattooing world and create an illusion that they possess some new revolutionary technique, equipment (machines and needles), and inks that will accomplish a goal that a traditional tattoo artist cannot, and that goal is simply tattooing a few hundred tiny black dots onto the scalp. I know it is ridiculous, and I am actually quite embarrassed that I bou
  8. Hey guys, I just have a quick question for those of you who may know about this sort of thing. I had a cosmetic scalp tattoo(Scalp Micropigmentation), hundreds of tiny black dots tattooed on scalp to replicate hair follicles, a couple of years ago. Two spots have faded and I want to get them touched up at a reputable standard tattoo shop b/c I cannot afford to fly back across the country to the cosmetic place. Is this possible? The cosmetic industry claims that standard tattooing uses the wrong equipment and inks for this sort of thing and that by attempting to do this at a regular tattoo shop
  9. Cool deal, yea I figured maybe the more reputable artists are more on the cutting edge of the top quality inks and use better equipment all around. Yea I avoid the sun now after realizing the effects UV damage has on tattoos. I am sorry that I did not do that from the start
  10. I have a question about black tattoo inks. I want to get more black ink on my left arm, partly to cover existing tattoo, but I have noticed with my other black tattoos that they have turned to a slightly blue-ish color over time. Granted, I used to spend a lot of time in the sun without sunscreen, and I know that UV damage can fade and color-change tattoos. My question is, do I need to ask the tattoo shop for a specific brand of black ink?(or would that be a douchebag move?) Are there some black inks that are less prone to turn blue-ish over time and remain black, or is this effect simply due
  11. Wow those are all awesome portfolios, thanks Joe! They are Some of the best I've seen of online New Orleans artists. I will most definitely go holler at those guys and check them out. I've looked online at their shops but Nice to have some specific artists in mind.
  12. Sweet! Thanks Dave! Electric Ladyland is the main place I have been thinking about. I'll check those three guys out. Thanks bro!
  13. Hey Joe, thanks for the welcome man! I live in New Orleans Louisiana and if you know of a good artist down here that you'd recommend Id be much obliged. The kanji symbols on my left arm are pretty big, they extend from my shoulder to my elbow (I'll try to upload a photo) and it is two symbols, one on top of the other. I got them 14 years ago when I didn't understand that tattoos are best if they are unique and original artwork, as opposed to some clip art off the wall or some book. My hope is to cover them up and try and get some authentic tat that actually means something. As far has the hai
  14. Oh, and my name is Jon, btw. Sorry I forgot to actually introduce myself in my introduction LOL.
  15. Hey guys, I am new to the forum. I am 32 years old and have just three tattoos, though I want more. The three tattoos I have are all in black ink, and on my upper left and right arms. I am interested in covering some kanji symbols on my left arm with a colorful, elaborate tattoo but I have to do some research and exploring to accomplish that. In addition to my arm tattoos, I actually had my scalp tattooed with dots to disguise my hair loss, but that was a cosmetic tattoo so I don't really count that one LOL. Anyway, great to be here and I look forward to learning all I can.
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