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  1. Healing a decent sized Steampunk Nautilus on my ankle...man there is swelling. Been 24 hrs and starting to elevate my foot.
  2. I live in "Central Texas". Which means I am 1.5 hrs from Austin, 2hrs from Houston, Dallas, Ft Worth and 2.5 hrs from San Antonio. So any major city will work...though I usually go to Austin.
  3. Looking for an artist in Texas for a steampunk nautilus.
  4. Newest on my calf from Ray Wallace at Sideshow Tattoo Austin. Awesome experience.
  5. Flawless Wallace in Austin
  6. Welcome. Where is Jack Skelington?
  7. William Coty Siegert


    Raven upgraded by Joey Ortega
  8. I did not like the head on a Raven on my right side. Took it to Joey Ortega at Triple Crown in Austin (who did the Raven on my left side) and he worked his magic. He knocked it out of the park.
  9. A raven I did not quite like and had a better artist make it a real raven. Thanks Joey Ortega!
  10. Need an artist for my dad. He wants a wolf in forest that could walk off his skin. Not my style but that's what he wants. Austin, Houston, Dallas San Antonio are all within 3hours from us. Any recommendations would be nice. Thanks.
  11. I had something similar to this when I had work on my ribs. Sat for 2 hours on the outline (enjoyed plenty of pain) then the spray/Saran Wrap/5min and then another hour of relative peace on the shading. Did start to wear off after 30 min though. Only applied once.
  12. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/gallery/uncategorized/17232-raven-healed.html Healed Raven from Joey Ortega. Headed back tomorrow for some more work on my other side.
  13. Here is my Raven done by Joey Ortega at Triple Crown. Healed a couple of months now.
  14. Here is mine. Old picture. Fully healed now. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/gallery/uncategorized/16917-raven.html
  15. I respect all styles and even though I would not put many on my body, I appreciate the art and the artist.
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