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  1. That seems like it would work. Stick on bras never wanna work for me :P If its in an area where no one can see other then me and the artist then yah I think I would be fine with nothing, I'm sure that they have seen boobs before. :)
  2. Gotta love being a northwestener eh ;) Thanks for the kind welcome
  3. I was 18, it was a birthday present. I got a black and red triskelion on the back of my neck. My mom and aunt took me and actually both impulsively decided to got the same design on their arm. The guy who was suppose to tattoo me ended up tattooing my mother while another guy tattooed me.My mom had a great experience, mine was a little weird. Just before he started he told me that he was kinda heavy handed and asked that if I started crying to try not to move too much. I probably should have stopped him but for some reason I didn't. After it was done he clapped me on the shoulder and said something along the lines of "holy shit, I can't believe you're not crying, good job". The tattoo came out well, and the other artist was interesting and fun to talk to. All in all a mostly positive experience.
  4. I saw that people have been talking about good ways to cover up if you're getting a back tattoo, but what about an under-bust tattoo, especially one that has part of the tattoo going up in between your breasts :confused: any ideas?
  5. I've been dealing with two of my work buddies committing suicide within a month of each other. Its been pretty rough.
  6. Hello, my name is Sigrid I am 21 years old and just finishing off the second year of my psychology degree. I'm here for some advice on getting an under-bust tattoo. I was hoping someone could tell me how (and if) they covered there breasts while the tattoo was being done, and what type of bra would be best to wear while it is healing.