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  1. thanks scott--i think im going to be in yalls hood tattin in the next few months before i leave to mexico

  2. scott--is that the original or a print......please tell me its only a print-i have an roa on my throat--like 12 years old unfinished and i love it!! the symbology and story behind this image is right up there with pharos horses,both enigmatic energy conduits for sure.
  3. ive only done yoga via dvd with my ladyfriend, but it definitely made me me feel good and knocked my dick in the dirt. i do train jiu jitsu and that seems to help my flexability as well as cardio,endurance etc. ive only been doing that a few years but its changed my life-- i lost 30 pounds and feel like a kid when im on the mat, and when im rolling i cant think about anything else so its relaxing too. i would never have tried it if my boss josh ford hadnt sent me down that path. i have a 12 old boy who trains as well and is the currrent state champ-its a great way for us to bond as well. i would bet you could find a no nosense straight ahead yoga class without god being a part of it. i know at our school you get to try it out for a couple weeks for free--i bet yoga joints are the same.... as it ever was
  4. thats rad! i hope im still able to do this in 15 or so more years, i second hawks wishes for you to make it to fifty years, living right and feelin free-the day it aint fun is the day i pack it up and run!
  5. we need a solid tattooer for a permanent position-at least 5 years in the trade,preferably western traditional roots with ability to handle whatever walks in the door--contact me or josh ford at the shop 303 839 8088--no jokers
  6. it was 20 below here in denver this morning but we have got very little snow, its been this way the past few days,im not tattooing today as the temp in my shop was 34degress! guess the landlord is fixing the heat as we speak-i suppose we had it coming since our winter has been relatively mild so far......only been in three real deal blizzards,not good for tattooin thats fo sho
  7. fuck yeah bart! i remember you coming to hot stuff an gettin yer sleeve from wojo....what a small world,i have to concur that ed,bob,richard stell & mr. wilson are all tops in the pantera negra game.
  8. was told about the freddy corbin interview from a friend....loved it, freddy is one of my heros. thanks for making this happen guys. i sincerely hope this site triumphs.
  9. Bronson was a great movie--the same guy also did a triology called "Pusher" ithe s rad drug dealin europeans an shit. i couldnt watch tv an tattoo as im sure the screen would distract me. i get into it wit the folk at my shop over music as well....opinions and assholes
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