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  1. I want to be around as little people as possible.
  2. mmmm mac n cheese! It's cold there so I'm allowed to get fat right? Natural insulation?
  3. It will probably be something like, "We ate too many lobster rolls that we don't even care for them anymore and are freezing our asses off" hahahaha
  4. Five star dinner to anyone that can land us a job! ;) Thanks for the rec's everyone!
  5. When I first started getting tattooed I stayed with one person. Basically, I thought I should treat the whole thing like I treat my hairstylist and assumed I should never cheat on him. Then I realized it was totally fine to see other people and now I enjoy getting a variety of different styles and meeting new artists.
  6. It was so nice to meet all of you guys!!!!!! I'm now 2 for 2 for staying out of get together pics! Going strong!
  7. I've gotten tattooed by Virginia Elwood and Tamara Santibanez (both at Saved). As well as Ashley Love (now at Adorned) and I would highly recommend all of them. Virginia especially is the nicest to sit with and chat. She really has that bed side manner thing down :) I don't know why but I've gotten more and more drawn to women tattooers as I've gotten older. I think it's just because I'm pretty much drawn to badasses in general. I'd love to get something from Rose Hardy at Three Kings soon.
  8. Oh jeez, I really feel ya on this one! There have been many tears shed between my mother and I about my tattoos. We are finally at a point where we don't talk about them anymore and that only came after one of those mother/daughter fueled arguments (I was 29 years old when this happened btw!!!) where I told her how shitty it made me feel. I think telling her that what she is saying/doing is hurting you so badly will perhaps help put things in perspective. I believe that at the end of the day our moms don't want to hurt us but we have to be diligent about expressing our feelings in order to mov
  9. Let's go to Matchless because they might be one of the dying bars here that still plays good music*. *Please don't hate me if they're not playing good music when we go. - - - Updated - - - LOL @Fala I didn't even see your comment a bout the music before I wrote that.
  10. Sounds like we're staying in Brooklyn! Are most people in South Brooklyn? If we're the only north BK peeps we can come down to you since we have a car and getting around is a pain in the arse. I just have no ideas for a spot because I'm never in that neighborhood.
  11. I obviously still don't know how this thing works so I understand if you'd like to leave me home.
  12. WHOA! I lived in Little Falls until I was 7 and then moved to Totowa. I really miss it there. Little Falls is a beautiful town and I have a lot of great memories from there. W Curious to know where you're getting tattooed at?
  13. If the outside of your upper arm is free I would go there and I'm sure your artist will as well. It's a pretty flat and easy to read surface. I have one there and also on the inside of my calves.
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