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  1. Yeah, that’s what I thought I’d do. Have a pretty classic central image, then have a couple of cherrubs, hearts, hand shake etc... Maybe a mermaid for the Mrs! Eagle could be cool too... he does mostly traditional stuff. He’s quite local to me and his stuff looks very solid... https://instagram.com/joegareyot?igshid=1ngvz0bmsgo8k
  2. Hi guys. I’m booked in to make a start on a traditional styled back piece. Artist has told me to think about the designs I want to include, and we’ll go about mapping it all out. I just wondered if you guys had any advice. Meaning isn’t always important to me (although if possible, it’s a nice bonus!) but I’ve decided I want this to be family related. Was thinking a centre image of some description, then a few little things dotted around it.. any advice would be great! Cheers
  3. Sorry for the silence! I got over this about a day after I posted it! I live the tattoo. Wouldn’t dream of covering it up.., cheers all
  4. Cheers guys! I thought you may say that. It’s just given he a slight uneasy feeling, that’s all. I’m not interested in it having blood drops or anything like that either, which helps!!
  5. hi guys. This is an odd one! my next tattoo was going to be the classic rose and dagger, or heart and dagger. I have been getting a bit anxious about it of late as it seems that a new knife attack is reported almost daily, here in the UK! Knife attacks are becoming quite a problem here... Im sure I’ll be told to just get it anyway, but I’m wondering if anyone else has not got a tattoo for similar reasons?!! am I being too sensitive? cheers all.
  6. It seems to be mostly on the line work, does it not? Rather than on shaded areas.... the line work on mine sometimes raises when I’m very hot.. Granted, it’s never in lumps like that, nor is it as much. Sorry I can’t help with a diagnosis. Do you mind me asking why you’ve dismissed pregnancy as a cause? My wife has just had a baby and it’s crazy how the body reacts!
  7. It’s an awkward one, with regards career. I’m in the building trade so it’s not really a problem. However, if I go and price a job, I will try to cover them up at first, if the customer is older. A lot of people in their 50’s and 60’s still find tattoos “unattractive”! We all judge people on how we look and I’m aware that some people don’t like tattoos. That’s cool. I respect that. For that reason, visible tattoos are a big deal in my opinion. Get them if you are confident that your life can continue as if you didn’t have them.. Subject matter and style makes a difference too. An artist i
  8. Mermaid would work, would it not? I’m pretty sure you could get most things in there really, if the design is modified to fit...
  9. Ahhh I love Florian too!! Gutted you say his books are closed... I was hoping to maybe get something in 2019..
  10. Thought it would be cool to “Bump” this thread, and see if anyone has any new artists they like at the moment! My personal favourite at the moment is Vince Pages.. Great traditional with just the right amount of elegance.. https://instagram.com/vince_pages?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=10rnxjbe68ljt i also think Mills from Black Garden is doing great stuff, with a similar feel to Pages... I’m booked in with Mills in a couple of weeks, which is cool! https://instagram.com/mills_tattoo?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=sbckgzu5axsm
  11. Hey all! Im booked in at the family business on Wednesday and before I message the artist telling him what I want, I thought I’d see what everyone’s favourite images are, that would go nicely with my daughters name in a banner... I’m after something bigger than just a heart or something! I have my favourites, but would like to hear yours! Cherrs everyone!
  12. Haha! Oh right! Straight over my head, that one... Cheers though!
  13. I have considered the blacking out option. It would depend on what the artist thinks... the only reason why it’s an issue to me is because it’s part of a piece I had done for our first son.... most people here seem to think leave it though.....
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