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  1. Hey all! Im booked in at the family business on Wednesday and before I message the artist telling him what I want, I thought I’d see what everyone’s favourite images are, that would go nicely with my daughters name in a banner... I’m after something bigger than just a heart or something! I have my favourites, but would like to hear yours! Cherrs everyone!
  2. Sol James

    Advice on existing tattoo

    Haha! Oh right! Straight over my head, that one... Cheers though!
  3. Sol James

    Advice on existing tattoo

    I have considered the blacking out option. It would depend on what the artist thinks... the only reason why it’s an issue to me is because it’s part of a piece I had done for our first son.... most people here seem to think leave it though.....
  4. Sol James

    Advice on existing tattoo

    I’m assuming everyone is looking at the same part of the rose?!
  5. Sol James

    Advice on existing tattoo

    It was never said in a nasty way! Just a bit of husband and wife banter! Like I said, it hasn’t bothered me that much! It seems phallic tattoos are quite common around here, then! I appreciate people’s oppinion on the matter...
  6. Sol James

    Advice on existing tattoo

    Haha! I can’t really slap the person. I live with her, and she’s the mother of our children!!
  7. Sol James

    Advice on existing tattoo

    Yeah seriously, it was mentioned! In fact the same person said it twice. I thought nothing of it the first time, but had a look the second, and thought, “yes, it does indeed look like a penis”!!! I’m not at all the obsessive type, but thought I’d get some opinions!
  8. Hello everyone. I’d like your opinions on this please. I’m booked in to continue with my arm, at the end of September. He’s a great artists, and works at a high profile shop. It’s recently been pointed out to me that part of a rose, I’ve already got, is a bit “penis like!” If you can’t see it, then great! It’s in the center and It is bugging me a little. Funny though, I’d never noticed it before and it’s 3-4 years old! Basically, shall I live with it, or ask if there’s anything that can be done at my next appointment? What do you all think?
  9. Yeah, I think so! My other idea was a mountain stream scene, which he references in the song... not very "traditional" though! Scenery tattoos seem quite trendy at the mo...
  10. I like the Jelly Roll Morton idea! I didn't know whether my artist (Andrea Giulimondi) might need a more definite idea?! Maybe he'd be happy to figure something out from the lyrics... maybe a scene, with a boat on the water, and the banner would work?
  11. Yeah, I thought about the place thing! Water is quite frequent in the song... quite a lot of imagery in the lyrics actually! But wanted to keep it as traditional as poss...
  12. Hi guys! Hope you're well! id like a tattoo as an homage to my favourite song of all time, 'And it Stoned Me' by Van Morrison. What images do you think would work well, as a palm sized trad tattoo, on my inside forearm? I've a few ideas but am interested in more from you good people! Thanks for your help!
  13. Sol James

    Question about tattoo healing...

    It's a shame grey always heals so light.. It's a lovely tattoo but I would add more black.. But then I love black tattoos. You may not!
  14. Love this thread! The only thing it's short of is loads more pictures... Get posting man..
  15. Sol James

    Looking to get my first tattoo(s) - Traditional

    Mate, if you like Kirk Jones (don't blame you, I think he is class) you should do everything you can to get a tattoo from him. No one has a style like him. I know it's shit to hear but he really has his own thing going on.