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  1. thanks. it's on a mexican friend of mine and i had to change up some color choices because of his slightly darker skin, but i think it came out well.
  2. that's a nice lion tattoo, and some damn fine man titties too!
  3. my colleague and all around nice guy (though a bit too quite sometimes) bjorn leibner. björn liebner... halt fest blogpost
  4. i made a tattoo directly after getting my right hand tattooed. and i didn't do anything to take care of the tattoo.
  5. here's my tattoo hand and the hand i take care of business with. both done by bjorn leibner. they were his first palm tattoos, i think he did a good job. both about 1 yr old.
  6. yeah, i was there then. you were too?

  7. um, i don't have a lot to share. i've only been painting with watercolours for a few years. i pretty much use whatever watercolours i have and try out different paper quite often. i destroy my brushes all the time, but i use davinci brushes quite often too. i prefer to use a no. 2 or no. 3 for doing lines. the only technique that is a mainstay in what i do is that i use liquid acrylic for the black. watercolour black is not very black. liquid acrylic is also water fast, so i can then paint over it with my colours and not have it turn into a mess. everytime i paint i do something a little different. i believe in chance.
  8. flash set 6. go to the BRIAN KELLY ARMY/ tattoo flash to check it out. thanks.
  9. we got a lot tattooers visiting from other countries at loxodrom. usually they want to meet one of the 2 guys we keep in the back rooms. i work in the very front of the studio, so i am also the first contact everybody has. it all depends on what is going on and what the person wants. if i'm not working, i am polite and talk a little bit with them. if i'm busy, i don't have the time. it seems like a lot of times the tattooers who come are looking for a guest spot in berlin, and sometimes i send them down to another studio that takes a lot of guest artists. i don't really visit other studios. because i think i will just be bothering them if i'm not there to get a tattoo. i'm not the personality type that likes to meet people and talk a lot.
  10. y'know, i like the squid pant's name for leg tattoos. i don't even like the term sleeves for arm tattoos. sure there are proper sleeves worked out on someone as a full arm tattoo. but if i'm out somewhere and somebody says, "ooh, can i see your sleeves?" i think, "fuck off, retard", unless it's a hot girl, but i would still think she is stupid, but i would use her stupidity as an edge to get her to sleep with me. because you have to be pretty stupid to sleep with me. and customers that come in for a "sleeve", or thinking "i want to get a tattoo here and turn it into a sleeve someday", annoy me to. they're just tattoos.
  11. yeah, leg sleeves has to be the most stupid term ever. when's the last time you woke up, put on a shirt, shoes, and a pair of leg sleeves and went to work?
  12. briankelly


    every winter i pretend to grow a beard. it's more of an attempt to keep the ladies away. i'm 28, and this is the best i can do after 3 months!
  13. cock of ages is one of the coolest tattoos ever! a colleague was telling me that the man who has it has a kid now. and there is some problems from the other parents when they are in the kiddie pool playing with their kids. haha
  14. two of the guys i work with have always said they hate tattooed women, while they are both very heavily tattooed. i am only moderately tattooed and always liked tattooed girls. now, we all have girl friends, both of their girlfriends have tattoos and are beginning tattooers themselves (as a complete side note, they met them while tattooing them, and how come only girls want to learn to tattoo now? every apprentice i have met in the last 2 or 3 years or every one asking for an apprenticeship, has been a girl) and i have a girlfriend who has no tattoos and who i hope never gets any tattoos. for me, i find it nice to not think that my girlfriend is into me because i am a tattooer and what she can get out of it.
  15. yeah, but his name is really lars uwe
  16. thanks, lochlan. i do work at this studio, but lars uwe and bjorn leibner also both work there, and they are better than most tattooers.
  17. i just got a s&r wolverine off of ebay for 60 bucks! new coils, abar, and contacts. the frame is super cheap, but that makes the machine super light too. after playing around with it, on and off, for a couple of weeks, i'm going to zap a customer with it tomorrow. wish me luck!
  18. i work at loxodrom tattoo in berlin. i speak english.