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    briankelly got a reaction from Jack in March 2012 Best Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    no, it's hans holbein the younger.
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    briankelly reacted to kalknis in Full Back Piece Thread   
    J. Madberg, Stockhol
    unfortunately not mine

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    briankelly got a reaction from Jack in Shark tattoo   
    by the way, i was taking the piss when i sayed bert ripped off charline
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    briankelly reacted to kylegrey in Full Back Piece Thread   
    Todd Noble
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    briankelly reacted to Dennis in Tiger tattoos   
    LOL, I can't stop laughing at this one!
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    briankelly reacted to cwbyht in Cliff Raven & Phil Sims Tattoos   
    I have 9 tattoos from Phil I got in the 80s. I lived around the corner from his studio in Hayward California. Actually he did my first one, and I had to go back for more! he colored my left arm and chest, but my favorites are the blackwork on my right arm. Hes a master of blackwork. I also have work from several of his protégés.
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    briankelly got a reaction from slayer9019 in Stomach tattoos   
    i think this is fucking awesome. Björn Liebner's Photos | Facebook
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    briankelly got a reaction from Graeme in Stomach tattoos   
    i think this is fucking awesome. Björn Liebner's Photos | Facebook
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    briankelly reacted to Stewart Robson in Email Correspondance Between Artists and Collectors   
    Yeah, I did, thanks. It was a while ago, before I had a digital camera. If I still have a photo, it's in the bottom of a box somewhere. I dont think it was technically accomplished though.
    I only got to do it because someone saw a set of 20th Century occult flash I did and picked the portrait of AOS. I've tattooed sections of his automatic drawings and some of his sigils too.
    I thought it was cool too (except the sigils, that seemed to defeat the purpose)
    As a geek note to the mystical/occult interested: Frith Street Tattoo is within 15 minutes walk of the birthplace of Austin Osman Spare and around 5 minutes walk from the birthplace of William Blake. Crowley lived in various locations a further 20 mins walk west. (I use walking times because in central London driving takes longer)
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    briankelly reacted to Chelsea Shoneck in Painting Methods & Materials   
    I use arches cold press and I love it. I've also recently started using Waverly liquid acrylics (previously I used FW exclusively) and I really enjoy them. I've been doing a ton of marker stuff lately but this thread is making me itch to get back to my liquid acrylics. When I transfer the image to the arches, I use a super fine nibbed pen, and after doing all the shading and color I go over all of the lines with a brush, and that's honestly my favorite part of the whole process. I'm not perfect at it but it's a fulfilling challenge I suppose. Here are a couple I did earlier in the year with Waverly liquid acrylics. Sorry if the images are huge >.<

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    briankelly reacted to Inkbomb in What is the DUMBEST tattoo you've had to do lately?   
    A guy came in and wanted full on huge script on his chest but because he had already seen the words he wanted on someone else..."fear none but God" he changed it to "fear all but God" ????
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    briankelly got a reaction from Brock Varty in Weirdest tattoo you've done?   
    i put this on a guy when i first came to berlin and was doing a guest spot at fuer immer. the appointment was booked before i arrived, and i was a little unsure if i should do, because, believe it or not, the drawing he had brought in was of even lower quality. after some contemplation and discussing it with one of the owners who said he would probably do it, i decided to do it. when the customer came in, i asked him about his design. in poor english he explained that his old roommate had painted it on his shower curtain years ago and he loved the image. he didn't seem retarded, so i went for it. he came back to me a few months ago for another tattoo, which was also weird, but maybe not as weird, and says he still loves the penis. also, his english seems to have improved.
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    briankelly got a reaction from jayessebee in Tattoo Cover Up Pictures, Before and After   
    that taz was awesome!
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    briankelly reacted to bravnik in Tattoo Cover Up Pictures, Before and After   
    Working on my cover-up sleeve now. This is the before pic and a few pics following my third session.

    I have about 20 hours in at this point with another 6 hours to go I figure for highlighting, color and touch-ups. Hope you guys like it thus far. I always wanted a Zombie Sleeve just didn't pull the trigger till now.
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    briankelly reacted to SStu in Snakes snakes snakes   
    Seth Wood through the neck.

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    briankelly reacted to Sean Rakos in new Flash Set for 2012 !   
    My new flash set is up for sale.Sorry for the dull Picture but I promise these sheets are BRIGHT. $65 delivered in the U.S. $60 in person

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    briankelly got a reaction from DJDeepFried in Fraud In Tattooing   
    nice one for finding the facebook page @DJDeepFried. i can't believe this guy would put that healed photo in his portfolio.
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    briankelly reacted to Donn in Tattooers with little to no tattoos   
    Tattooers with no tattoos are just Tourist and should be treated as such. They are just looking at the cash and waiting for the next thing to come along.
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    briankelly reacted to pintindola in Amazing Documentary on Sailor Jerry that sucked me in"
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    briankelly reacted to Nate Pea in Tattooers with little to no tattoos   
    my favorite loose quote on this would be from the Chad Koeplinger T.A.M. interview when he says something along the lines of it almost being a duty to be tattooed all over so you have some idea of what the customer is going through.
    i like to get tattooed regularly because it definitely makes me more patient with my customers when they start squealing. jst before i started getting my backpiece done i remember a bloke came into the shop for a tattoo from my then boss. it was a big lower backpiece and he wriggled like hell. i definitely remember thinking like 'for f!ck sake man grow up and stop moving' didn't occur that my boss never commented. any way next week i started on my back and within 10-15 minutes it was like......OH! needless to say i'm a lot more sympathetic to my customers having work on their back now
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    briankelly got a reaction from Graeme in Who do you think deserves some recognition?   
    i just saw this and the mention of berit from tatau obscur and felt like i had to say something. while i don't think i would get tattooed from her, she needs to be respected partly because of her history in berlin. she was one of the first tattooers in berlin to actually know how to draw and helped break the hell's angels control of tattooing by simply refusing to pay their protection fee. jan and fide from fuer immer both worked at tatau obscur before opening their own studio. she is one of the older tattooers in berlin and everyone respects her, including lars uwe who some would think is one of the greater tattooers in this country. she might not be well known, and her style might not be everyone's cup of tea but tattooing in berlin wouldn't be what it is without her.
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    briankelly reacted to Mitch Wood in September 2012 Best Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Ryan Cooper Thompson. KCMO
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    briankelly reacted to David Flores in September 2012 Best Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Stuart Cripwell on Wednesday.
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    briankelly reacted to lving4today in September 2012 Best Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Oh what the hell...

    Lester at Electric Ladyland Tattoo New Orleans, LA
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    briankelly reacted to bulldog in full sleeve tattoo   
    I think its a great idea, make sure you practice on your face first.