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  1. Here's my kitsune. Done by Casey O'Leary at Anchor Ink in SLC, UT
  2. got this wrapped up last week -- waiting for the healing to mellow so I can get a good / non-glare pic still. Super happy artist: Casey Jones
  3. Tattooed by Casey O'Leary at Anchor Ink, SLC UT
  4. I make my own cider every fall - the 2013 bottles turned out not so bad. I don't drink a lot of production ciders, but Crispin's is pretty good, especially the "Brown's Lane" variety. Truthfully though, I'll just have a beer :) Quoted for truth.
  5. Got into a long chat about brewing / winemaking during my last session - which turned into a conversation about homemade vinegar. Been doing wine forever. Never tried vinegar, but I think I'll add it to my list of weird hobbies.
  6. Eagle and owl are both great symbols - and tattoos. Would be very interested to see them in the same piece.
  7. Not to be obtuse but ask your tattooer - or, at this point, maybe a different tattooer. If you don't like the answer then decide whether or not to be tattooed by them. Your tattooer wants his/her work to look great, just like you do. You came in with a pretty tall order - straight lines & right angles on an irregular surface with strange curvature and 0 shading space. At this point you can basically love it, hate it, laser it or cover it. It's on your skin now.
  8. 9/10 I agree with you -- also, I'm a huge fan of deloads and rests. This one just fell smack in the middle (by necessity) of a cycle that was progressing nicely. Had a rest programmed in 3 weeks anyway ,so all is well.
  9. A properly faked line would make an awesome tattoo!
  10. Reading Kim Stanley Robinson's 2312 right now. Just got caught up with Sanderson's Stormlight Archive too.
  11. Good news : finished my right pec. Bad news : now I have to take a few days out of the gym. Happy this piece is done, but the few days off always suck and I didn't plan this one in a good deload time.
  12. I thought the spot directly above the nipple, between 1100 and 0100 was the worst of my chest/pec. Avoided the nipple itself because I'm a wimp.
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