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  1. Rockabilly in HD. Music that is forever cool & few can be offended at. I like to mix some blues and a little bit of Kool saxophone jazz to break up the drone. On Friday some Depache Mode is always well received.
  2. DISCLAIMER: MAGIC HATE BALL is a caffeinated life form with a dream. A very simple dream, mostly involving nachos and beer, but a dream nonetheless. WARNING: M.H.B. is indifferent to most items on the planet.

    Hi my name is MAGIC HATE BALL, I'm named after my uncle the infamous bounty hunter, you won't have heard of him since all evidence of his work was covered up during the cold war. All my friends call me Steven because its easier. In my spare time I enjoy reading Russian poetry which goes hand in hand with my career as a porn star under the name Rodzilla Silverman.

    Some people call me a Social Media Guru. I don’t correct them. Sometimes I just want to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire.

  3. Really? That's what my probation officer & that overly affectionate clown in 6th grade used to tell me.
  4. Most gracious of you. I shall endeavor to remember the warning about the manliness of rose tattoos.
  5. Greetings my inked brothers & sisters, esteemed Artist Masters, Collectors of fine body art, Kitchen Wizards extraordinaire ...lowly fellow newbies. I am here for ANSWERS! The questions are irrelevant. I wish to snatch the pebble from the master before he can close his hand. To hear the grasshopper at my feet. I seek the path to enlightenment, a rad Japanese sleeve, the joy of a good, full bodied cigar for under $4. And most importantly to be the first kid on my block with a Frank Frazetta like viking with a Jackson Pollock inspired ink job done by Paul Acker. Since you asked, I wou
  6. Depending on my audience at work I'm either, "COMMISSAR POWER-BOTTOM!!! Of the 13th Legion; Rob Halford Division" or "HP HOVERCRAFT : Chaos-Master of the Necronomicon!!!!" Yeah, I love my co-workers. :cool:
  7. Some of these blow away what my local guys can do.
  8. Meh. If it inspires people to try to match another's work then (hopefully) the copier will improve. Lord knows we need more pretty tattoos out there
  9. While you have every right not to be harassed, leered or inappropriately approached, it sounds like you know how the game is played. You'll never be able to control the perves out there, you always control how you dress & your presentation to the world.
  10. Hiding new ink from the wife? This will end in pure fail. I'd engage her instead. I'd show her all the research I'd do in finding the right artist, the design I'm going after etc. In the meantime I'm doing the things that good husbands do to make the boss happy. Cuz if momma's happy then pappy's happy.
  11. Over 8 years ago, a nurse at my facility got multiple warnings about covering up her sleeves. Middle aged I'd say for sure. She kept getting bitter & more and more belligerent about being put upon. She either quit or got fired but back then "they" were having none of it. Now I'm at another facility and we got a guy with even more ink but he's not a professional. However, he's a very good worker, keeps himself in good shape and carries himself with a LOT of positive energy. Meaning once you spend a little time dealing with him, your preconceived notions go out the window. Plus he's
  12. Ill admit to giggling at 90's tribal work and probably made people feel shame for their choices. I'm late to the game and I'm thankful for that. I have learned from other people's mistake and continue to educate myself almost every day. I'm honestly trying not to be a judgmental p*ick & keeping the "hate" to myself. It's hard though.
  13. Wife was against ink for the longest time. Then I lost a lot of weight, hit the gym and got all metro with dressing better, nice colognes, etc. Then I started showing a strong interest in ink again. Now that I'm all pretty she's really curious as to what kinds of pieces I'm considering. No negativity at all. She's even DVR shows like Inkmaster for me. I think I broke the code for getting the wife to come around to the idea.
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