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  1. Sadness and woe! I took my new puppy in for her second check-up and first round of shots and got some expensive news. :( Her eyelids roll inward and as a result hair is irritating her eyes. It'll require surgery. The only good part is that as long as it doesn't cause infection in the meantime the surgery can wait until she gets spayed to kill two birds with one stone. Also, seeking advice on rear dewclaws. Info online is mixed. I despise removing random bits for no reason, but some people say the dewclaws are an injury risk so I'm unsure. I've seen firsthand that they are functional on f
  2. Renzie


    Exactly. By day 30 it ends up at something ridiculous like 5 minutes. By then I will very likely give it up just because that sounds incredibly boring but we'll see. :) I tried the paleo thing and found that I spent so much time worrying about food that there was no way it was worth it. Nutritionally, it seems mostly sound, but it really took south of the enjoyment out of my life that I decided not to care. Have you had similar feelings at all? Not trying to discourage you or anything, I'm honestly wondering if I'm the only person in the universe so wimpy about it.
  3. Renzie


    Yep, jealous of all the boxing talk. I'm obligated to do it now. :) In the meantime I'm doing a couple 30 day challenges in addition to my usual and am finding the plank surprisingly difficult. Up to 40 seconds or so it's easy enough, but much more than that gets a bit hard. Clearly I have no core muscles
  4. Renzie


    Ah true. The wonders of the internet. Maybe a bag should be my next investment then.
  5. Renzie


    I've always wanted to try boxing! My work hours dont really permit going to a local boxing gym, unfortunately. Is there any benefit to getting a bag and starting at home? I'd worry I was doing everything completely wrong if I tried on my own.
  6. Renzie


    The only fitness thread a search turned up was ancient so here we go. Anybody into fitness? Weight loss, running, weight lifting, yoga, anything. I want to know what you like and what you're doing with it lately! Me: I'm working on losing weight and getting stronger, but I also just really enjoy working out. Bodyweight or free weights. I want to set up a home gym eventually. :) I read the Nerd Fitness blog regularly and do the nerdiest workouts possible, so if anyone else is a fitness nerd I automatically want to be besties lol
  7. Life is swell: -Down about 20 pounds and up lots of muscle -Bought my first house before turning 26 -Promotion continues to look more and more likely for me, although the whole thing is this sort of nebulous semi-secret ordeal.
  8. I share this video on Facebook every once in a while just to remind everyone it exists. <3
  9. Renzie


    @rendiana_jones I post mostly really lame pics of food and my dogs but if you're into that lol
  10. I love allllll the animals! Personally I have 2 dogs (one adult one new puppy) and a cat. For some reason I can't post pics :(
  11. Welcome :) I really like the Disney villain one.
  12. Renzie

    First tattoos

    Whoops! Sorry bout that! I'm still in quarantine here so I didn't think to check the other forums for such a thread.
  13. I shared mine in my intro thread, if you're curious, but I'd like to see everyone's first tattoos and hear their stories. How'd you choose it? How'd you decide on placement? How long ago did you get it? Are you happy with it now?
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