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  1. If I might suggest I would say to think on where you "may" want a larger tattoo down the line and avoid those areas if possible. While cover ups are an option clean skin the best bet when wanting larger pieces for both you and whoever is tattooing you. A shoulder might not seem a big deal today but is valuable skin real estate down the road when wanting a larger piece.
  2. I guess that's it really. That every tattoo must have a meaning and can't "just" be something I liked and wanted no further meaning involved. It really has been unique to see how others look and when they speak think about tattoos now that I can't hide my own.
  3. "why did you get?" (fill in the blank.) I've recently been tattooed where it's able to be seen with my typical dress and I guess I'm surprised of late how often someone will ask why? Not that I was tattooed but theme, color, image etc. I'm just surprised I have to explain any of it at all. I mean dragons, bunnies, flames or flowers I guess I've not seen others and thought why? I mean good, bad, neat, bold etc. sure but why has just never crossed my mind as tattoos are for and decided by the person who has them. I wonder if anyone else is as surprised when asked why with respect to theme of image etc as I am.
  4. Couple of progress pictures of the kingfisher on my leg. Wanted to add some color I sure got some! Just quick iphone pictures. I'll be sure to post some good ones after it's finished and healed. Lisa over at Haunted Hands in Tucson AZ. Can't wait to get back in to finish this one.
  5. I'm next up on May 2nd with Lisa Cardenas here in sunny AZ. Going to add a kingfisher in full color over my leg fom knee down as both thighs are already covered. Can't wait!
  6. Ill throw my leg in! One of em anyway. Artist Lisa Cardenas.
  7. Being that I'm Polish and familiar with polka i still haven't a clue what "trash polka" has to do with tattoos? Ice cubes and beer, wooden shoes and pirogies sure but a tattoo style? Lol. Yea I kinda see some similarities though mine have more black and outline then most in that style and are of a less graphic design vibe I'd say.
  8. Thanks guys! Scheduled some more time in the chair today. Going to add another insect or two I think. I'll have some time to sort the where and what a bit more as she's booked till April so I'll be planning till then.
  9. Hi Patrick. To be honest I wouldn't know and perhaps others could chime in on style. I brought the ideas along with images for both of these tattoos. I made clear to her I wanted to play with disassociative images so things like size and scale weren't as relevant as the overall end result. With the Tom Waits one I knew to the letter how I wanted it to look. With the Morphine one I gave her the ferris wheel, lantern fly (I'm a herpetologist by profession but love insects) and lyric. Beyond that I just let her design and tattoo as she pleased.
  10. Success! Thanks. Right thigh. - - - Updated - - - And the left..
  11. Tattooist is Lisa Cardenas here in Tucson Arizona. She owns Haunted Hands Studio. She just won the best of Tucson Weekly (our local rag) best tattoo artist in 2014. Here's a link. Best Tattoo Artist | Lisa Cardenas Haunted Hands Studio | Fashion & Style I'm real pleased with both pieces as they both worked out as I had hoped. I snapped pics as the process went along for others to see. Here's a photobucket link to the Tom Waits inspired one Waits Leg Piece Photos by markireptiles | Photobucket And here is the link to the other morphine themed one.. Morphine Leg Piece Photos by markireptiles | Photobucket Hope these links work as I'm still figuring out photobucket and this forum. I like the music both of these two make and really hate page long text tattoos that you can't read so I took a lyric line from each and built the tattoo around them. Not super traditional but what i wanted and like I mentioned before there is room for more tattoos ahead!
  12. I've been lurking for ages and thought I'd say hello. Ive learned a lot and followed information found here from far and wide. First tattoo at 18. Tiny one I look back on and laugh at! Youth and silliness on a whim one evening long ago. Some 20 years later I found an artist who's work I enjoy locally. After waiting months for my sessions my left thigh now complete and better then I could have imagined. This spurred the want for another! After many months more sitting on my hands my right thigh now covered as my left and I really couldn't be happier. More on deck as hours and money allows. 2014 it seems the year I learned just how much skin I have yet to go!
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