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    A thoughtful collector since 1989.
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    soon to be East Bay, CA
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    Art, books, punk shows, travel, my husband- Erik vanO
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  1. Dari- Allow me to apologize for Erik not answering your post where you called him out for not acknowledging he knew you! He has been slammed with work and move things so hasn't been on since he replied to Gia. And I am so looking forward to meeting you after hearing some great old stories from days long ago! We couldn't be more excited. Thank you so much for the warm welcome.
  2. Thanks, Lochlan and Gia! I appreciate the welcome. HA- No pressure though, huh, Gia? I don't think there will be any blog posts until we get all settled in, but I will start pondering some worthy topics.
  3. Hi, I'm Sarah and am formerly from SF. I moved with my husband to Athens, GA about 8 years ago and now am in the process of returning. I am a tattoo collector and have been lucky enough to call some great artists friends through the years. Gia Dobson told me about the site a while ago and I am just now getting around to logging in. My husband is on here, as well- Erik vanO. I am really interested in tattoo culture and history. I have loved some of the discussions that I saw over Erik's shoulder about whether tattooing was more popular years ago or now. That's it. Looking forward to seeing more cool posts and interviews. Thanks!