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  1. I definitely got a bit sad after my arm was done, but it was definitely more of a 'oh, its over' moment than a 'oh what have i done'. The only sad part now is the wait before the next one :P
  2. ^^ I'll be looking forward to seeing photos of this!
  3. Haha I know it sounds weird, my fiance thinks I'm nuts too. I'm not going to lie, my elbow and ditch were pretty brutal but overall I kinda enjoyed laying there all day talking shit and watching it being done.
  4. Thanks Jimmy, as a bonus he is a lovely guy so the 6 hour session blasted by. I was a bit sad that it was over on Sunday night haha
  5. To say I am pleased would be a massive understatement! Cheers for the kind words :)
  6. Hi Hayden, it was done by Dan Bursell here in Brisbane Australia. Ex Westside Tattoo but he works from a private studio these days. I'll definitely be going back to him to get the other arm done :D Link to his instagram below. Instagram
  7. We finally got around to finishing my arm off on Sunday, I am absolutely stoked with how it turned out! I can't wait to get onto the other arm after I get the wedding out of the way next year
  8. Here is two updates for me. We are 12 hours in now (2 x 6 hour sessions). First one was all the linework and yesterday was nothing but shading and coloring, I can't wait to get it finished off so we can start on my other arm! Linkylinks Linework Instagram yesterdays session Instagram The artist is Dan Bursell, ex Westside Tattoo (Brisbane Australia). I'll be having him do my other arm too as I love his work.
  9. I figured I'd update this thread with my progress. We crushed another 6 hours yesterday (bar a half hour lunch) and we are still not done. Getting all that black into me has been a struggle to say the least. I've got another half day coming up in a fortnight to finish it off Linkylink Instagram
  10. Haha that's it mate, it keeps things interesting. My full blooded Australian fiance struggles to keep with with the shit I come up with sometimes.
  11. Haha, nah overly buff dickhead festival clones that seem to be breeding at an alarming rate on the gold coast (and Brisbane i guess). Their arms/shoulders are so big they resemble triangles. BrianH. Yeah we certainly have a way with words! Poetic might not be my first choice when describing our arguably loose grip on the english language.
  12. Everyone I know that rides getting slammed these days which is such a shame. Brisbane used to have a great riding culture. I've heard about the almost outright ban on the gold coast but to be honest I try to avoid the place as much as humanly possible! I am nowhere near triangular enough for those venues ;) haha I do find it amusing that tons of places on the coast are selling the clean skin pullover stockings for the arms. That shit is hilarious.
  13. Nah not at all mate, I only ever go out to drum & bass gigs or metal gigs these days which are usually full of kiwi's with massive maori work so I'm doing ok! Have you had issues at any particular places?
  14. Interesting thread to say the least! Out of interest a question to the people who are getting negative comments. Where do you live? Here in Australia tattoo's seem so incredibly common theses days I can't imagine people getting much flack for it (well apart from my mum but that's a given haha)
  15. Hey Mick, always good to see another Brisbane-ite about!
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