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  1. For several years now I've been fine-tuning an idea for a shoulder/quarter sleeve piece, but I just can't afford it right now and I don't think something that big is great for a first tattoo. So I came up with a much simpler design. I'm thinking I'll put it on my left forearm: As my best friend was quick to point out everyone's going to think I'm a huge Motörhead fan, and though the ace of spades is inspired by a different song, there are worse ways to misinterpret a tattoo, right? I'm not sure where I'll go to get it done yet, though.
  2. I have zero tattoos but am going to start soon, and I dated a guy for a while who had nearly a full body suit and worked at a shop. I'll admit it was a bit of an adjustment having never dated heavily-tattooed guys before, but his pieces were beautiful. We definitely drew some stares, though it was probably because I'm really short and he was preposterously tall. I loved hearing him talk about his love of ink, and it helped solidify my interest in getting a tattoo. My current boyfriend has one pretty minimal tattoo but lots of piercings - I guess I tend to be attracted to guys with modification of some sort despite being pretty boring myself in that regard.
  3. Hi there! I found this site while doing research about where to get my first tattoo here in SF. I've been on and off about it for a few years but am excited to finally start looking seriously for an artist and working on a design. Any suggestions about good places in the Bay Area are much appreciated, and I'm looking forward to what I'm guessing will become a long relationship with ink. Planning to start with something simple to get accustomed to the process and sensation of it, but I've got an idea for a large shoulder/quarter sleeve piece that I really hope I can start soon.