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  1. Just finished this yesterday. Artist: Katja Rameriz at Rock of Ages. Looks awesome. Now save some money and get a full Samurai sleeve. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Update my tattoo. Two more hours and it will be done. Seriously thinking of going to sleeve, but have no idea what except I want to continue the Japanese theme. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Interesting read. My wife is from the PI. We are planning on going back next year. May have to get a tatto there. I wonder if I could take the pain...:)?
  4. Been two weeks and most of tattoo has healed except for a few places. It looks scabbed over, and I have resisted the urge to scratch. Was using lotion, but going to try aloe vera a couple times a day and see if that helps. I go back June 5, and hopefully it will be fully healed.
  5. Anak


    I really like Japanese tattoos. Working on a half sleeve koi fish. Thinking of going for expanding to full sleeve, but do not want another koi. Thinking about traditional Japanese dragons or ??. Sill trying to figure it out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Anak


    :) Yea, he just might do that. Can't wait for it to get colored in for real.
  7. Anak


    First session. Hopefully I'm doing this right. Still have more lining to get done and then color. I'm stoked about it. Wife thinks it is to big, but I think she will come around when she see the finished work. My 4 year old thinks it is cool. Already trying to touch it
  8. Anak


    Thanks. The work I have seen has been awesome. When I met her, she was real easy to talk too. Will post a pic.
  9. I'm in a industry were a tatto could be seen as negative and impact advancement. However, I already wear long sleeve shirts, so I may end up doing it. Really like the sleeve look. Hope to find my zen during the tatto process. :)
  10. Anak


    No, the first session is for three hours and the second session is for 4 hours. I'm guessing the first session is just going to be line work. Not sure how many sessions it is going to be. I am hoping that the artist will do some color for the cover-up. I don't even know the color, leaving all that in the artist hands . Just want a tattoo that looks great. Will post a picture after the first session.
  11. This next Thursday getting koi fish in traditional japanase style, half sleeve. Originally was going to start June 5 due going on a cruise to Alaska, but coud not wait. Just no swimming on the ship. Already thinking about possibly extending the sleeve to shoulder maybe chest or back. Artist Katja Ramirez.
  12. Anak


    I will do that. Thanks for the feedback on the artist. I did not want somebody who does shitty work. It will cost, but, a life time of wear, really not that bad.
  13. Looks great. Thought about getting a whole sleeve, but chickened out and going with half sleeve.
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