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    High school junior currently on my school's varsity wrestling team.
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    wrestling, lifting, cardio, dieting, working out, getting ripped
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    das student

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  1. isnt that the whole purpose of this initiation site? for newbies. you gotta start somewhere
  2. Why would wrestling screw up healing of the tattoo? And lol where'd the panther come from??? Sounds cool
  3. I'm getting the tat for both myself and as a show piece. I think thats why most people get one, right? Will the tat fade or bubble if exposed to the sun?
  4. I like that idea. Do you mean like superman logo with eagle wings comin off of it? How big would it be? - - - Updated - - - Wow your eagle is awesome. Is it on the upper or lower part of your chest? Any thoughts on the superman man logo on my chest. I think it would be sweet to be able to rip open my shirt and reveal the symbol (lol). I also wrestle so i want whatever I get to be easy to see under my wrestling unitard. Do you think a half sleeve would look good on my arm? Doesn't it take a long time to complete it? Also, how long did u have to go before u could expose the tat to the sun? It's summer so i don't wanna be wrapped up in a shirt all the time cause of the tat.
  5. Hey new to this place and just want to get advice. Gonna turn 18 in a few months and thinking bout getting my first tattoo. People say i look like clark kent so im thinking bout getting the superman logo on my pecs. I also wrestle in the 103 lb weight class so i was thinking maybe bout getting 103 tattooed on my oblique. Or I was thinking it would look sick to have eagle wings on my lowers abs. My buddy has eagle wings and it looks pretty cool. Anyway hoping to get advice. Included pix so u can give ur thoughts. Thx
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