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  1. Thanks sight! I'm on the fence now about the placement, body wise it's all a bit subtle, as it's behind me and inside my arm, so the outer arm is a bit full on for me.

    Might do my other shoulder...

    I always change my mind a bit, gonna keep the idea of a new one on the burner and see where I go

  2. I'd say the term is describing people who are getting tattoos for style only, usually in shock places or shock/look at my tattoo type of imagery.

    However in my eyes that's not to say its anti fashion, just more about 'try hards' rather than people who have their own style and conviction to it.

    I bloody love tattoos, and appreciate a lot of styles, but some of the shock/stupid/comedy tats do make me laugh and think 'why?!??'

  3. Teacher chat eh?

    I'm a teacher too, don't have any on display. Other teachers sometimes make the odd comment on 'training days' - I find it funny as they can only see two tiny bits if I have a short sleeved t-shirt on, insta-judge and comment. Little do they know how far it goes (not huge in tattoo circles by any means!)

    One girl I knew at work had a tat on her wrist, and went to the manager who was in control of uniform and staff dress code, showed them it, and said 'is this ok?' Made me laugh as I wish they'd said... Nope!

  4. Get a really close image of what you want, bash it in a frame on the wall and look at it every day for a year. If you still love it and the idea, do it.

    I drew all my own, and it was always about a year from conception to ink, and I kept going back to look and check if my love was still there.

    6 years on, and I bloody love them all. :)

  5. Thanks for the warm welcomes!

    I use 'Heath' at 'Something Wicked' in Lincoln.

    I draw all my own tattoos (work in design by day). They have their influences, but are unique. :)

  6. Hey,

    Just found this place, been looking for a good tattoo forum for a while.

    Anyways, Ive been slowly gaining tattoos for about 6 years now - not entirely sure if I'm finished but still have a massive love for them and really enjoy chatting about them/seeing others work.

    Look forward to getting involved.



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