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  1. When I started dating my current partner, he was actually against tattoos, and it became the cause of a lot of friction between us. I think his perception of tattoo shops and tattooed people in general was very stereotypical. The whole dirty trashy tattoo shop, drugs, alcohol, crazy, out of control thing. As I began to collect more tattoos he was actually pretty ticked off about it. I finally convinced him to come with me to get the shading finished on one of mine. He was surprised how clean and professional the environment was, and how talented my artist and other artists were. He has one of
  2. I'm planning on meeting with my artist here in a couple weeks, after I finish my summer classes (kinda a reward for finishing them). Thanks for the honesty! I love all my reference material, but at the end of the day I don't want my tattoo to look like a mess of random things. I may save some components for a separate tattoo(s).
  3. Sooo I would appreciate a little advice on my next tattoo. I plan on getting my right shoulder/back inked and the following I what I have planned for the design. Is it too busy? In the center is an hourglass, cracked at the top. A woman in the hourglass stands on bones on the bottom half and has her hands up in the top half releasing butterflies that are flying from the crack. (I will attach the image from which I got my inspiration, it's kinda hard to visualize). Anyhow, to the left of this will be a sparrow flying away that's holding a ribbon with three keys on it, one for each of my young
  4. I think I've finally started to develop an idea for an (almost) full back piece. I've wanted to continue on my back for a while, but didn't wanna rush into it without having any solid ideas in mind. Right now I'm thinking of a tree predominantly on my left side (I have a tat on my right) with a locket nestled into the roots and the bottom. On the right side on my shoulder would be a bird of sorts carrying the key on a ribbon. It combines a couple ideas I've wanted for a long time, I have yet to hammer out any details! Hoping to start on it at the end of this summer when I have a little more c
  5. Finished my first year of college, moved into my new apartment, started an awesome internship all in one week! Whew!
  6. Just got a piece two days ago running from my lower sternum to belly button, and on my ribs right underneath my breasts. Wearing even a soft sports bra is a bitch and I'm so worried about screwing it up. It was my most painful tattoo yet and I'd really like to not touch it up right away. Besides that my rib cage feels bruised. With a sunburned back and tattooed front sleeping is a pain ! haha
  7. mhapp95


    If you guys wanna take a look, all my pieces except for one are uploaded now! For whatever reason it's not showing when I upload the last one, but it's just a little one I did soon after I turned 18, getting 'Bite Me' inked on the inside of my lower lip. I'll try it again later. I apologize for the crappy camera phone quality as well.
  8. mhapp95


    Anchor on the inside of my left pinky, done on a whim Jason Dunavan, Escape Artist Tattoo Tattoo #2
  9. mhapp95

    Led Zeppelin

    Led Zeppelin symbols from fourth untitled album Jason Dunavan, Escape Artist Tattoo Tattoo #5
  10. mhapp95

    Floral Leg Piece

    Session #2, black and white Jason Dunavan, Escape Artist Tattoo Tattoo #4
  11. mhapp95

    Floral Leg Piece

    Session #3, color, finished piece Jason Dunavan, Escape Artist Tattoo Tattoo #4
  12. mhapp95

    Floral Leg Piece

    Session #1, lines Jason Dunavan, Escape Artist Tattoo Tattoo #4
  13. More lyrics from my favorite band Rise Against! Done the same day as my Led Zeppelin piece Jason Dunavan, Escape Artist Tattoo Tattoo #6
  14. mhapp95

    Rise Against Owl

    Rise Against 'It's not too late we have the rest of our lives' - Satellite Jason Dunavan, Escape Artist Tatoo Sorry for the bad camera phone quality! Tattoo #3
  15. mhapp95


    I like a wide range of things : floral, nature, music related, traditional. I don't really know if I can put it all in one category! Just whatever catches my eye. Going forward I would like to attempt a bigger piece on my upper back, as well as start out with a quarter sleeve. Not that I don't want a full sleeve, but as I am still in college, and I'm trying to wait until I have a stable job that I know won't mind my artwork before I go all out :) I also want a pair of birds on my left hip, one carrying a lock, the other with a key. The back and sleeve pieces I'm still exploring options for wh
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