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  1. Well I was feeding my abattoir rescue horse, Purnsley tonight...it was pouring rain and freezing, but he was taking his sweet time to finish his dinner...I'd already put my other boy back in the paddock. I was standing by his shoulder when out of no where he stomped his foot right onto mine, and wouldn't budge it, I was furious, tried kneeing him with my free leg, misjudged in the dark and got him on the elbow, the pain from his pointy little elbow driving into my pointy little knee caused me to recoil, as I did that, he moved his foot, I over balanced, landed on my ass in the mud, with a so
  2. My hero! :eek: I have a lovely zipper scar running down the centre of my stomach from just under boobs height right down to my pelvis, this is what happens when you get totally taken out by a 600kg horse and split your liver. I am in the process of plotting what I want to work around that with, I'd be so happy to not look like a body who has escaped the morgue post autopsy. I would just browse around here, talk to your artist or meet a few for consults, show them what they have to work with, don't over analyse, when you see the design that's right for you, you'll know. ;)
  3. I'm unbalanced, with one tattooed arm and one not, but I will be getting my clean arm tattooed later in the year...the style in which it will be done will be totally different to any of my existing work, the reason being I will be seeing my favourite Australian artist who I have followed with stalker like enthusiasm since the beginning of her career (and a time when I wasn't even old enough to have tattoos). I think a lot about the other areas of my body, I would love a full back, but always struggled with the concept that it would nearly always be obscured by some kind of straps. Unless I
  4. Last time I was getting tattooed a guy came in for his appointment and he'd just about disembowelled himself trying to shave his stomach for the appointment, I think if you are handy with a razor, shave, if you're not maybe leave it for your artist. ;)
  5. I've had both CT and MRI scans, after a pretty catastrophic injury I suffered a couple of years ago, I was in ICU for two weeks and then the gen ward for several weeks after, I had no issues with skin reacting, I don't have any red colouring, but yeah...they didn't forewarn me of any possible issues, either. I just remembered, One of my surgeons had a sleeve and he wore a skull bandana and his assistant had one with jellybeans, I got upset when they wouldn't give me one so I could match, hehe. Gotta love a flashback.
  6. So glad to hear that he's feeling better! I am a bunny lover myself, however I'm in the bad books at the moment, Hermann is sitting in MY on the couch refusing to move or talk to me as I rearranged his designated area without his prior permission. :rolleyes:
  7. hellbunny


    Half healed half fresh. Some blue.
  8. How is your bun bun doing?
  9. 5.5 hours is my longest sitting, followed by a 3.5 hour sesh a month later, wasn't too bad the first sitting, the last half hour was a killer but we really wanted to get a certain amount out of the way....but I tell ya what, the second sitting, finishing up the shading, background and highlights and going over my elbow...I wanted to tap so bad. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Greetings :) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Assuming we all even get to BE old - this makes the question extremely inconsiderate to me, also. Not that it's any of their business - the next gen of nursing homes will have far more to worry about than a few people with ink. How are the nursing home staff going to control old Britanny who insists on twerking her way to her third hip replacement and popping pills in the activity centre?
  12. This is my furry family, Capone (white stripe) and Purnsley, the horses. Hermann the rabbit and Stubby the Dobermann. :rolleyes:
  13. DITTO! Even before I had tattoos I was ridiculously anti sun/heat/summer, I did used to surf but haven't for a couple of years - and when I did it was always early in the morning before the sun was really out and I would subsequently burst into flames. I have such a paranoid fear of getting sunburn! Not only is it detrimental to our skin etc. but tan lines are vile! If I feel too white I'll go and get a spray tan, but really - I'm happy being a milky bar kid. I do enjoy taking my horses to the beach for a swim from time to time. That will never get old. :D
  14. Yes I did! It was a great day, my tattooist had a booth there so I got to see him in action and heaps of other great artists, I am hoping to come up to Brisbane later in the year and get tattooed at Black Throne, probably around September/October. :)
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