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  1. PShakman

    gorilla tattoos

    Hardy's? Better question: Why am I even on this shit?
  2. Svintmaney's one of the hardest M.C.'s out there. Why would you get your legs tatted?? Ain't nobody can see that shit. You make out with bitches with your face. Ain't nobody can't see that shit. Think about it. Deep. Like fathoms, yo. Peace.
  3. PShakman

    Tattoo Myths and Misconceptions

    Dave Fox's old commemorative whale hunting tattoos always persist!! - - - Updated - - - My turd supervisor at my security guard job insists that "tattoos entitle you to disability benefits in the State of California." No wonder everyone has sik tatz in SF!!!
  4. PShakman

    Chris Conn is back!

    Not that anyone cares, or should, but, for the record, given my minimal experience with the guy, I have nothing bad to say about Chris Conn. And I'm a grouchy hypercritical misanthropic bitch.
  5. PShakman

    Chris Conn is back!

    I agree with the above. I was lucky enough to get tattooed by Conn for $115/hr. in 2003. He seemed pretty disillusioned with tattooing, and I can't blame him in the least. If he can get $500/hr., more power to him. At the same time, there are a good number of outstanding, distinctive traditional tattooers (Bryan Burke, Richard Stell, Theo Mindell, Jason Brooks, Cory Lenherr, Aaron Coleman, among others) who're actively tattooing. When I got tattooed by Conn nine years ago he wasn't a God. At all. Just saying. Not that I'll cringe at looking at any new tattoos the guy does. They're great. Elevate someone to mythical stature, then coattail ride the inflated status. I'm not into it. I'm into captivating art. - - - Updated - - - I think irezumi's saying he wouldn't . . . - - - Updated - - - "Producing videos about yourself" indubitably alters the landscape . . . - - - Updated - - - I don't know anything about Wood's or Grez's influences, but, from what I understand, Vargas was deeply influenced by Conn. That says a lot. I have some cool Hardy and Higgs flash tattooed on me, but it'd probably look better if those guys did them.
  6. PShakman


    I like the tiger's markings and facial expression. Brilliant commentary, there.
  7. "Hunting with bated breath . . ." -Slayer, Mandatory Suicide Behold feral tat hunter. ":)"
  8. PShakman

    Ink Masters

    I didn't even know Thomas Morgan was on that show . . .
  9. PShakman

    Ink Masters

    The photos are what matter. I would argue that Tim's and Jason's priorities ("art" over ego) might have something to do with what they produce. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong. All I know is I'm not comfortable around the accolade acolytes.
  10. PShakman

    Ink Masters

    Both guys are heavily Kuronuma-influenced: This is VERY strong, and I think Brooks' traditional stuff is even stronger: Log In | Facebook Brooks paints very well, too. Lehi eclipses brutality:
  11. PShakman

    Ink Masters

    Speaking of reality, anyone see Brooks' interview of Lehi in TAM? Nice to read a streamlined interview. Just the facts, ma'am. Both of those guys are absolute elite echelon tattoo artists. They've done their Japanese homework. It shows.
  12. PShakman

    Ink Masters

    I just read the rest of the subsequent comments (page 12) . . . $20,000 an episode for "Tattoo Highway?" I never saw it, but I struggle to believe that. Then again, only thing I know about TV is that I watch too much of it.
  13. PShakman

    Ink Masters

    Seriously, Nunez gets more than Peck, just because he was on "Miami Ink?" I guess I shouldn't be surprised. If I got jaded enough with tattooing, and my back and eyes hurt, I'd probably do the same thing as Peck. There will always be zombies. Might as well capitalize. From what I know, Peck's contributed enough to tattooing to justify such reward. Tattooers don't get paid enough, especially really good ones.
  14. PShakman

    Ink Masters

    Anyone care to take a stab at how much Peck pulls in per episode? He's the only legitimate aspect of the show. Helluva tattooer. I've only heard good things about him. Nice guy when I met him, briefly. I bet the omnipresent toothpick sits under his tongue, its end barbed like a chastity belt. How else can he keep from crying with laughter?
  15. PShakman

    Ink Masters

    Um, er, regarding proportionate hydro-propulsion, do you think Nunez is touchy about carp composition because HE did this a few months ago?: Log In | Facebook I'm just glad they didn't get Tim Lehi, Mike Rubendall, Mike Roper, Jason Brooks, Filip Leu, Chris Trevino, and Brian Bruno to compete, with Horiyoshi III judging. Those guys fucking suck.