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  1. Outline done by John Gloyne @ Hot Stuff Tattoos - Asheville NC
  2. Oh hey, thanks! I'm technically living in Houston, but I work all over the South, hence the NC tattoo. Where are you getting your work done in NOLA? I'm there frequently and would love to get some work done there. - - - Updated - - - Thanks! I'll be sure to post up progress pics in the full back piece thread.
  3. Oh I'm so glad to hear you say that! I really dig his work and had been told by several people he was the one to go to in Asheville. Thanks! - - - Updated - - - Yeah, I've been wanting to get it done for years now so I'm just happy to finally be going through with it. I'm purchasing two full length mirrors for the gawking situation. :D It's gonna be a sunflower mural, fairy large flowers in size - the rest I'm leaving to the artist.
  4. This has been SUCH a helpful thread. I'm about to head into session one this weekend for a fairly large back piece and I feel way more comfortable and excited now that I have read through everyone's experiences. Gracias!
  5. Such nice folks on here! Oh no way, well not yet at least. For now top of the shoulders to just above my waistline. I'm going to John Gloyne @ Hot Stuff tattoos in Asheville, NC this weekend for the first session. Will def post up progress pics as it comes along; I'm sure I'll have a ton of questions during the healing process. Yeah, I'm a little nervous about the pain, but mostly it's ALL I can think about everyday. I'm so excited to finally get started.
  6. Ah ok, thanks. Ice cold beer in the excessive showers post tattoo seems possibly MORE important. ;)
  7. Ah, good advice, thanks. Though I heard I needed to avoid hot water and go with warm water instead?
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I have five other tattoos in various places and the one on my lower back hurt the most, but still wasn't unbearable. I'm pretty good with pain, but I've never gotten a piece so substantial before so we'll see how I do with that. The artist plans to do most of the outline in the first session with follow-up sessions to finish and/or color in. I think the toughest part will be that I live alone and will only have access to a friend to help with after care for the first two days.
  9. Hey all! Just bouncing around the intrawebs trying to do some research on after care, pain expectations, etc. for a full back tattoo I'm about to begin this weekend. So glad to have found this site!
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