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  1. My good friend got me 'Bodies of Subversion, A Secret History of Women and Tattoo' by Margot Mifflin for Christmas. I wasn't expecting it. Amazing present. I can't wait to sit down and read it.
  2. I sat for 7 solid hours for my last in November. I can only speak for myself, but I was so surprised by my healing of this one. I kept the wrap on for about 3 hours and wiped it down with baby wipes as recommended by my artist (he was using these throughout the entire process). I put a very thin coat of Bepanthen on and left it. I did this for about 4/5 days (washing properly with soap once a day), before switching to my normal moisturiser. I flaked on about day 2 and peeled very lightly (like sunburn) on about days 4-6. After that it was done. My other tattoos didn't heal half as well. I don't know if it was the artist's technique, the baby wipes or my body, but it was easy to manage. I have a whacked immune system. It's too good, so goes on the offensive and attacks me on a daily basis (I get massive swellings from something as simple as a paper cut, and don't get me started on a virus, ugh!). Thankfully it's not been aggravated by the tattoo process which is madness. I'm also allergic to NSAIDs, so it's a good job I don't swell too badly!
  3. Just booked my next session to finish my latest tattoo. We did 7 hours 3 weeks ago, but availability/travelling means my artist can't fit me again until the end of February. He said 3 hours to finish, but I thought, 'what the hell, let's book the whole day and if he finishes we can start something new'
  4. Oh my gosh, yes. I could barely lift my arm the day after mine (7 hrs straight tattooing). I wore a halterneck dress for the session, so easily slipped out of it, but put a t-shirt on for the first night to protect my sheets - big mistake. Not only did it stick (had to gently soak it off), but it was a nightmare to get off.
  5. Back to the bra talk, lol..... I'm a week on from having my shoulder cap tattooed (top to just past where your strap would sit, front over collarbone, around the top of the arm and a lot of the shoulder blade). I'm still in the strapless bra (to be fair, I am kind of loving them - never thought I'd have this chest and say that!). I tried a soft sports bra yesterday, but it felt a bit sore on the very top of the shoulder. Needless to say it came straight off. I'm very conscious of spoiling my tattoo by having anything rubbing against it, so I'd imagine staying strapless for at least another week. Who knows, I may never go back to straps!!
  6. Getting back on topic - Quick tip for the well-endowed ladies who are concerned about bra straps.... I bought a strapless Wonderbra (the kind with the plastic type hand shapes built in) and it is miraculous! I'd even go to far as say it's better than some of my bras that have straps as far as cleavage goes!!! I've been wearing one ever since getting my shoulder tattooed on Saturday and have purchased another. It's comfy, gives me plenty of support(!) and solves that pesky bra strap issue. The one thing I would advise is to make sure you try on first as sizing can be a little off. These have become one of more wardrove essentials, especially now I have a beautiful tattoo to show off. (PS, I accidentally posted this in the wrong thread yesterday - I've now moved it to here!)
  7. I was sat there thinking surely it's time to move on from that spot now... you must have finished... hurry up and pick a new bit to do!!! Lol
  8. Haha, I know! Thanks. It's weird how hitting a certain spot on your back/shoulder can cause a nerve to twitch in your leg or hand. Odd. Only 3 hours to finish what we started today... but typically now I'm looking at it and thinking.... more, we need more... lol
  9. Just done 7 hours on the ball of my shoulder and blade. I was adamant that I wasn't going to show any discomfort, and actually that mantra really helped me power through the last hour. It also helped that my artist was continually complimenting me on how well I sat. There was one spot on the back of the shoulder blade that was really punishing and I did flinch the once (could have kicked myself), but apparently my artist didn't notice. I could have gone longer, but was glad when he was done. Only 3 more hours to go on it :eek:
  10. I agree with what was posted on the link. I feel extremely lucky that my finger tattoos took so well. The artist who did them was old school with more tattooing experience than I've been around, so that must count for something. They were a considered addition, to the point I even drew the tattoos on myself with marker and lived with them for a good while beforehand. Unlike a lot of these types of tattoos, they are are on the sides of the fingers that face me, which was a conscious decision on my part. They are for me (not for show) and surprisingly most people don't know I have them. That was also something I decided when opting for this position, as they are mostly hidden. I'm glad I have them, and haven't once regretted the decision, but I know I am lucky that they were done so well and have stood the hands of time.
  11. Considering my appointment was booked months ago... it's finally almost here! I go on Saturday for a full day (artist even asked me to go in an hour early). Deep breaths. I'm excited and just a little nervous - more so for the drive home alone with a whacked out shoulder. I got the rough sketches today. Just wow.
  12. I can only speak from my own experience, but I have tattoos in the area you're referring to. They are over 2 years old and still look clean and tight. The white ink in one has since dropped out, but the shading and line work is fine. In the initial few days/weeks they tended to look a little blown out, but this seemed to sort itself out over time. The only time they look anything less than good is when my skin is really dry - but a little handcream fixes this.
  13. Totally agree with above. I will add that my finger tattoos showed similar 'blow out' in the first few days/weeks, but they tightened up a lot in the following months and now 2+ years later, they still look good.
  14. There's some nice pieces on your instagram page. That's good to know as you're not too far from me. :)
  15. This may be worth a visit? The World Record Breaking UK Tattoo Convention - Doncaster Racecourse, 10th - 12th October 2014 | Tattoo Jam
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