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  1. Yes, mine is sitting at 48 hours with an estimated 3-4 more sittings (24-30 hours) left. 10 hours to finish a backpeice sounds pretty ideal, lol.
  2. Checked out the work on insta, I can't believe that was all done in only 8-9 hours total...that's awesome! Just out of curiosity, those on here that have completed a full backpiece (or are in the process), what timeframes did it take? I have seen everywhere from 15 hours - 60 hours
  3. Very cool...it's like a phoenix, but not. The wing placement is brilliant...what's on your right shoulder? Seems like all the feather work will compliment each other well.
  4. Actually, just an honest light hearted comment. Thanks though, for being so awesome.
  5. Maple leaves...? Those look like they're going to be beautiful marijuana leaves to me...
  6. That's awesome, I wish that I had been able to find a local guy that could do what I was looking for (I am also in Edmonton), but ended up in a situation where I've been flying back and forth between here and Toronto. I've got 4 sessions done so far this year with hopefully another 4-5 next year to complete. Your tatt concept sounds pretty cool, reconsider your stance on not posting pics!
  7. Mick, exume is very wrong. You will feel zero heavy, drowsy "couch lock" stuff. In fact you will feel completely, 100% the same as usual. The only difference is that you will have a significantly easier time staying relaxed, and pain free when the needle hits your skin. The only thing that exume is right about, is that it is not THC (that's why it doesn't give you any sensation of being high at all). Try looking it up on google for further clarity, of if you feel you still aren't quite confident with what I am saying here. I believe it is a fantastic option for those that don't want to g
  8. Could be total hearsay, but I have heard that colour tattoos can be problematic when getting an MRI. A lot of colour contains metals (i.e. I think red has nickel in it), and I guess the magnet can pull at it a little bit and cause skin reactions. Can anyone confirm / deny this?
  9. I got a full shoulder piece when I was 18, and now 14 years later I have just started a full back / shoulder panel. So far, I've put in 3 straight days at 4 hrs / 4 hrs / 3 hrs respectively. It's itchier than hell, but I love it!
  10. Well, I spent about 2 years finding my artist, and then had to wait another 1.5 years to get in for my first series of sittings (had to cancel my original appointment because of work stuff). My first series of sittings went down last week, and went Wed/Thurs/Fri with a planned 4 hours of needle to skin time per day. Day 1 was spent with a lot of stencil placing etc (took about 2 hours to get fully set up), and then the 4 hours of blasting went down. Got most of the outline done (upper/mid back). Day 2 we completed the outline on the lower back and shaded in some of the upper back over the
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