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  1. nope, not trolling well the otter part...
  2. I'm really close with my parents. My mom got a tattoo in her 40's, and my dad hates all tattoo's. So when I said I wanted one, he was very against it while my mom was helping me plan for it. After a few months (and me advertising the fact that I wanted one over and over) , he finally said, wait till youre 22 (this was a little into turning 21) the week of my 22nd birthday I got my first tattoo. Ive since gotten a second and am planning for my third
  3. Just so everyone knows - reviving a dead thread - I ended up staying away from the schools concept because someone said I may be going to grad school and then I would need to incorporate a third animal in... and that's just crazy. especially if the third school has a stupid mascot. cause then I have a lion fighting a dragon with like an otter in there.... ended up going with a tree with leaves swirling around it (watercolor style) on my upper arm/shoulder! (went to Mind's eye , Thanks joe shit!!!) anyway... going for my third this summer so I figured id come back to the forum! Ill be in H
  4. Thanks ! I'll check. And honiesly I gotta say I'm surprised by how much life is in this forum. I was expecting a response or two after a day not 4 pages in 24 hours lol
  5. in the philly area or better yet allentown pa. my first was from the quillian in allentown. i really like the way it came out. plus it was a friendly place, not even close to some of the sketchy places ive seen in philly
  6. I'm gonna start looking for one lol
  7. Ya that's not bad . I'm not sure about watercolor now lol. I'm liking the fighting idea. the other idea I had was one looking over the over. Or swithing completely off of animals and trying yi think of another way to milestone college
  8. Graduating Drexel this year ! Lol good call
  9. not sure about the chest although i cant lie and say im not already starting to design that in my head... thigh wouldnt be bad. thinking maybe the calf? legs are somewhat hairy tho. any thoughts on how to incorporate it into a scroll? and thank you for the quick replies!!!
  10. Hello all! I got my first tattoo last year (22nd birthday) of a banner/scroll on my shoulder with hebrew writing and as im seeing from a lot of other people it becomes addicting quickly. Im starting look into my next one aiming for the end of this summer. I made the huge mistake of getting my first one in july and then having to attempt to hide it through multiple beach and pool days. My school's mascot is a dragon, and my fraternities is a lion. I was thinking for my next one i wanted to incorporate either/both of them into a design. I also like the watercolor tattoos ive seen alot! I
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